5 Landscaping Tricks to Make Your Lawn Stand Out

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5 Landscaping Tricks to Make Your Lawn Stand Out

There is hardly a more encompassing landscaping project than the lawn around your house. When maintained properly, its healthy green colour has the potential to raise a property’s market value.

On the other side, an overwatered or scorched lawn is a poor sign that no homeowner wishes to experience. Therefore, lawns require a lot of care built you needn’t be a green thumb to make your lawn stand out. The following 5 tricks will help you get a verdant lawn and a sight to behold. Read on the 5 landscaping tricks to make your lawn stand out.

1. Water the lawn only during the day

If you ever did some gardening you know that plants shouldn’t be watered in the late afternoon or in the evening. This is because the nights are colder than daytime so the ground around the plants will not have enough time to dry, thus endangering the root system of plants.

Since a lawn is comprised of million blades of grass, the same principle applies. Water the lawn with a garden hose exclusively during the day. In fact, if you water the lawn early in the morning, the soil will have more time to soak in the water, thus preventing the root system from drying up. It is always better to let the ground dry naturally when exposed to sunlight. If you 

2. Fertilize and seed the lawn in the correct way

A vegetable garden needs compost as a fertilizer and so does the lawn. Of course, you are not going to throw food leftovers across the lawn but you still need to fertilize it in the proper way. Only the grass which has been fertilized has a chance of growing thick, tough, and verdant.

Most fertilizers contain potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorous which are precisely the elements the lawn needs to grow. Potassium effects on the root system, strengthening it so it can survive bitter winter colds. Nitrogen’s role is to keep the grass dense, in good condition, and luminously green.

Finally, phosphorus is responsible for the root system, similar to potassium. Fertilizer containing these 3 elements should be spread evenly using a mechanical spreader. There is always the possibility to spread the fertilizer by hand but then you must wear gardening gloves to prevent the chemicals from coming in contact with your skin.

3. A lawnmower is your best friend

Just like a soldier learns to depend on his rifle so does a gardener learn to trust his/her lawnmower. Unless you want to use a scythe, be sure that the lawnmower is in pristine condition. The most important part of a lawnmower is the blades.

They should be razor-sharp because a dull blade will not be able to make a clean cut. Actually, a blade that isn’t sharp enough will not cut the grass but rather hit it hard past the breaking point. The jagged edge will leave the blade devastated and exposed to mould, insects, and viruses.

Another common issue with commercial lawnmowers is leaking gasoline. Once it gets on the lawn, it smears its surface and kills off the roof system so you need to take extra care that the tank doesn0t get ruptured. Also, you don’t want your children to play in a gasoline-soaked lawn, do you?

As far as additional tools are concerned, you will use extendable gardening rakes the most. They are ideal for collecting leaves in fall and placing them in giant leaf scoops that can be turned into compost in the back garden.

4. Cutting the blades to the right height

A far as the height the grass should be cut at, shorter is not necessarily better. Namely, if you cut the grass too short, it will prove to be a shock that the plants will have a hard time recovering from. After a while, brown patches will start appearing and this is a scenario you should aim to avoid at all costs. 

The ideal height of blades of grass is anywhere from 2 to 3 inches, at least when it comes to warmer climates. Although you cannot see it, grass this tall creates a mini shade for the root system, protecting it against blistering heats. Furthermore, the shaded ground will minimize evaporation.

If you like landscaping, then you will immediately accept the next piece of advice. In order to promote full growth, be sure to mow in various directions. B alternating the direction you mow the lawn, you minimize the occurrence of bumps and valleys that would otherwise appear. Finally, be sure to leave the clippings where they fall because they are a great natural fertilizer. 

5. Watering should be done regularly

We’ve mentioned earlier that watering should ideally be done in the morning. However, a much more important piece of advice is to water the lawn regularly. What is more, take care of the amount of water you use every time.

The lawn needs less water during winter but as part of preparing the yard for the summer drought season, the lawn should be watered more frequently and deeply. In order to distribute the water evenly across the entire surface of the yard, you can install a sprinkler system, as the one sports fields have. 

There are any more tips for making your lawn stand out but these 5 are the gardening cannon. After a season or two, you will create the ideal lawn that will be admired by the whole neighbourhood.


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