5 Lifestyle Tips to Keep Your Vision Healthy

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5 Lifestyle Tips to Keep Your Vision Healthy

If you have lived a relatively healthy life, it can be easy to take your vision for granted. Unfortunately, it is only after significant damage has occurred that many people truly grasp the importance of preventing damage to their eyes. If you work outside, on a computer, or in a hazardous environment, you should consider the effects of your lifestyle on your eyes and incorporate prevention appropriately. From prescription safety glasses to blue light shades, here are some ways to prevent damage to your eyes. 5 lifestyle tips to keep your vision healthy.

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1. Minimize Blue Light Exposure

While science is still grappling with the long-term effects of computer-heavy lifestyles, it is abundantly clear that extended computer time is less than ideal for optical-health. When gazing at LCD or LED screens, eyes have to work hard to focus on bright, flickering lights. In some individuals, computer screens can cause extreme symptoms such as migraine, fatigue, and local pain. A larger segment of the population may experience headaches that distract from work. Overexposure to blue light can result in sleep problems in those who use computers late at night. If you experience discomfort while using a computer, consider using an app that filters the most harmful light from your devices.

2. Take Breaks From Work

A relatively simple way to deal with strains on your eyes while working is to take breaks frequently. While some bosses may initially view this behaviour negatively, make sure that you explain to them that your breaks actually increase your productivity throughout the day by decreasing headaches or other debilitating symptoms. While on your break, try to focus on distant objects until your vision is clear and normal. If you find that your vision is constantly blurred, take more time away from your screen.

3. Use Prescription Safety Glasses

When participating in sports or performing hazardous work activities, the physical safety of your eyes should be a key concern. Construction, carpentry, shooting, and restoration are all examples of activities that produce fine particles that can get into eyes. If these or any other potentially hazardous activities are a part of your life, purchase prescription glasses that allow you to see in full resolution while doing your essential activities.

4. Purchase Computer Glasses

If you are struggling to find a way to complete your work tasks without experiencing headaches or other telltale signs of computer-caused eye strain, computer glasses can help alleviate your symptoms. While computer glasses are not a substitute for healthy pacing in individuals with extreme symptoms related to screen exposure, tinted lenses can filter out the most harmful spectrum of light emitted by computers. Computer glasses are also an excellent choice for programmers, editors, or other professionals whose screen exposure is unavoidable.

5. Use Sunglasses for Outdoor Light

Outdoor UV light can cause major damage to the human cornea, lens, and retina. For this reason, individuals who find themselves frequently exposed to bright outdoor light should wear sunglasses outdoors. If you are prone to light sensitivity, look for polarized glasses that reduce glare from reflective surfaces or from manmade light sources. While sunglasses look stylish, they can also help you to retain your outer beauty, since UV protected lenses prevent the skin around your eyes from premature aging caused by UV light. At Marvel Optics, our sunglasses can easily be customized to incorporate your prescription.

Once you get the hang of it, living your life with the health your eyes in mind is simple and straightforward. Simply wear prescription safety glasses or sunglasses, avoid exposing your eyes to blue light from computer screens, and take breaks when engaged in hard work. To shop online for safety glasses, sunglasses, or standard frames, check out Marvel Optics’ impressive inventory.

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