5 Little Ways to Focus on Your Own Self-Improvement

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5 Little Ways to Focus on Your Own Self-Improvement

Nobody is born perfect, and people who think that after they reach a certain age they don’t have to work on themselves are simply in denial. When talking about self-improvement, there are a lot of books that will tell you how to think and what to do, but improvement doesn’t lie in thinking about it – it’s doing something. So let’s see what are the small changes we can all make to work on becoming a better person.

Learn new skills

5 Little Ways to Focus on Your Own Self-Improvement

We should all know by now that “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” simply isn’t true. There is never a point in our lives when we should stop learning and developing our skills. It helps our brains stay young for longer and improves us as a person. Think about picking up a new language, and instrument or a new sport. Think about some things you wanted to do when you were younger, but couldn’t, and give them a go now. Going back to learning after we’ve been out of school for some time will always provide a new perspective on life and help us grow. If you’re not sure what you want to learn, look at the selection of online courses and find something you like.

Get creative

We all have a creative side, in the literal meaning of the word. We all want to create something that will be here after we aren’t, and that form of self-expression is crucial to growing as a person. Whether it’s writing, art or music, find your medium and express yourself. You can even pick up some valuable knowledge, like working in image editing programs or learning basics of design. It doesn’t matter how good you are at what you’re doing: you’re not doing this to show it to the world or earn money off it – you’re doing it for yourself, and that is what self-improvement is all about.


5 Little Ways to Focus on Your Own Self-Improvement

Some people are nomads at heart, and can’t imagine staying in one place for too long while others like to make their nest, settle down and never leave again. But as they say, growth doesn’t happen within our comfort zone, so every now and then, it’s time to set off to see the world. It will broaden your views of the world and give you time away from your daily tasks to truly look inwards and focus on yourself. If you’re not ready to put a backpack on and hit the road without a set destination – that’s perfectly fine! Feel the thrill of a last minute holiday, grab your passport and go for reliable cruise lines – enjoy the view from a deck of a ship.

Connect with people

Oftentimes, we get so busy with work and small tasks in our lives that we forget to focus on what is really important: the connection with other people. So many of us lose touch not only with friends, but with family members and dear people as well, which can often make us feel lonely. Keeping strong relationships with people we love is crucial for our growth and it’s the best investment in our emotional health that we can make.

Get active

5 Little Ways to Focus on Your Own Self-Improvement

Most of us could definitely afford a healthier lifestyle, and it all begins with moving more. Especially if you drive as your main form of transport and work a desk job, you probably aren’t getting in enough activity. So try to get some more activities into your routine, whether that means walking to work, signing up for an evening yoga class, or simply standing and walking instead of sitting at work, or during off time.

The first step to self-improvement is accepting that we need to improve, and for that, we need to look deep inside ourselves. Find the things you’re missing and work on them to be the best you that you can possibly be.

Olivia Williams Jones

Olivia is psychologist from Brisbane. She is passionate about writing and always inspiring her readers to be clever in their lives.

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