5 Make-up Essentials to Carry in Your Bag

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5 Make-up Essentials to Carry in Your Bag

Make-up! Two words that define, enhance and express women’s beauty. Not only does make-up cover up insecurities but also ensures that the wearer looks neat and put together. Many people are under the notion that make-up is all about ‘painting’ your face to grab attention. However, this is entirely untrue. Some amount of makeup is necessary to look presentable and important.  Be it to go to college or work, brunch or a party, the right kind of make-up routine can work wonders for you.

Narrowing down make-up essentials can be quite tricky. As they may vary from person to person based on their needs, age, occupation, and situation. For instance, a working woman’s cosmetic requirement can be different from that of a College student. But there are certain make-up must-haves that can be used by every woman out there.

Let’s take a look at your soon to be make-up BFFs with this list of 5 make-up essentials to carry in your bag.

1. Moisturizer

Make-up and moisturiser are inseparable entities. Moisturiser acts as the perfect base for your make-up. It is a lighter and healthier option compared to foundation cream. The main reason to include a moisturiser in your daily regimen is to help dry skin retain moisture content so as to look fresh and supple. This doesn’t mean that people with oily skin must eliminate the use of a moisturiser. Moisturiser is required to nourish oily skin as it controls oil production. It is advisable that oily skinned people choose moisturisers with low oil content.

The moisturiser also serves as a sheath against pollution and dust. During summers you can shift to sunscreen based moisturisers for added safety from sunlight and harmful radiation. Therefore, moisturiser is hydration and barrier all combined into one. Sometimes you may find the need to moisturise again in the middle of the day. Hence, it is always wise to carry a handy moisturiser bottle in your bag. Make sure you choose the organic kinds for minimum side effects.

Find a product that works well with your skin-type and skin-tone and apply it thoroughly after cleansing and toning your face. Don’t forget to apply a coat of moisturiser before heading out to the gym with your gym outfits.

2. Concealer

Each and every girl should own a concealer in their make-up stash. A concealer multitasks like no other makeup item.  It aids in covering blemishes, dark circles under eyes, and sunburns. When you apply concealer after foundation, it works like a charm.  It can be used as a highlighter too. The concealers that come in liquid form are suitable for dry skin. They are the lightest type of concealers, while concealer sticks are denser and opaque.  

The application procedure of a concealer is quite simple.  First, find a concealer that is a shade lighter than your complexion. Then apply the concealer with clean fingers to mask dark circles or puffy eyes and blend it uniformly with a sponge. This year conceal all your skin conditions away. Don’t worry as your secrets are safe with your concealer.

3. Lipstick

Oh yes, lipstick speaks louder than words. It is for when you’ve had a bad day and still need to face the world. Lipstick is always a great idea as it gives you a bolder and fuller outlook. Lipstick puts the finishing touches to your make up ritual. If you are opting for a more solid and daring look use bold matte lipsticks and you’ll stand out in the crowd for sure. On the other hand, if you wish to pull off a subtle shine use lip gloss as it’ll add a delicate shine along with making your lips plumper.

Choose shades and tones that match your skin colour and always carry a go-to shade in your purse without fail. Usually, beige, brownish pink, soft pink and light reds flatter light skin. Darker red, brown and burgundy shades look magical on dark skin. The shades and choices are infinite. But if you pick the right kind they can brighten up your face and accentuate lip shape.  Lipstick is the only thing that sticks with you even when the rest of the world doesn’t.

4. Mascara

Mascara is a true magic wand as it can give your tired eyes an instant makeover. It is a wonderful make-up article as it has the power to add more volume to your lashes and make your eyes sparkle. It adds extra definition and glamour.  Mascara can give you dreamlike eyes and reason for onlookers to stop and stare.

When you are on the search for a versatile mascara in stores it is crucial to look into aspects such as brush shape and design formula.  For example, thin mascaras with fine brushes are meant to create natural looking lashes, whereas thick sorts with heavy brushes ensure that thin eyelashes look broader and thicker.  A little bit of mascara can give you a lot of confidence. Remember, be strong, and don’t cry for anyone as your mascara is too expensive.

5. Compact powder with mirror

A compact powder set with an attached mirror can save you frequent trips to the restroom for touch-ups. You don’t have to go looking for a mirror everywhere you go either. The compact powder adds a final touch of oomph to your makeup.  It enables your makeup to set and sit for a long time. The handheld mirror allows you to check your teeth for lipstick marks if any, fix your hair and retouch your makeup on the go. Don’t you think it’s a must buy too?

These makeup tools are mandatory for your everyday makeup and skin care.  Carry them with you every day, irrespective of the occasion and they’ll become your survival kit. Use them every day and see the difference they bring to your face and life.        

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Jessica Smith is Masters in English and journalism and enjoys writing on fashion and lifestyle.

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