5-Minute Makup On The Go

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5-Minute Makup On The Go

Every woman in the planet loves makeup but can’t always find the time to apply it, especially if you are a mum or a busy career woman. Applying makeup properly takes time, right? Not with this 5-minute makeup formula, and the best part is that you can apply it on the go.

We would all love to find the time to indulge in lengthy and enjoyable makeup session. Let’s face it, who has the time to spend an hour every morning to pretty up? It’s a luxury the majority of us can’t afford.

Busy editor, Rachel Zoe from The Zoe Report, has braced the female population with a gift and gone ahead to share her 5-minute formula focused on brows, lashes, and lips.

Rachel Zoe, shares her 5-minute formula for getting glam on the go with a little help from makeup artist Sarah Uslan and Team Zoe staffer Kendall Cohan.

Ladies, master this quick glam routine and look beautiful everyday no matter how busy you are. Watch the video below for a quick makeup tips.



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