5 Mistakes That Deny You Quality Sleep

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5 Mistakes That Deny You Quality Sleep

What types of habits do you have that affect the quality and quantity of your sleep? When it comes to sleep, practice does not mean perfect as many people are struggling with sleep. Today, many people are experiencing sleep disorders while others are sleeping less than 7 hours of sleep. Yet, poor sleep will not only affect their daily activities but their overall wellbeing. Therefore, it is vital to prioritize sleep and avoid stealing time from sleep for leisure, work, and travel. Consider the mistakes that you are slipping into and focus on shifting them to get a good night’s sleep. Below are some of the things you may be doing wrong that deny you quality sleep. 5 mistakes that deny you quality sleep.

1. Having no time to unwind

5 Mistakes That Deny You Quality Sleep-Sleeping-process

Sleeping is a process. A sleep routine will help you sleep more easily and fast. The mistake people make is not planning to have the time to unwind as if there is a switch button to trigger sleep. It takes a few minutes for you to fall asleep and unwinding helps you. Therefore, unwind by creating a space that signals the body that it is time to sleep. For instance, you can sit on your Floyd furniture in your bedroom and read, journal, listen to calm music, and meditate. This and other calming activities just take few minutes before you enter your bed to sleep.

2. Thinking you can make up for lost sleep

Many think that since they sleep poorly during the week, they can sleep in during the weekend to compensate for the lost sleep. This is not the case as you cannot store up sleep for the next week. Just like if you skipped breakfast every day for a week. You will not be able to have all that breakfast you missed on Saturday morning. Although you will feel better sleeping in during the weekend. This is a mistake as during the week you are sleep deprived and the lack of quality sleep is linked to some health risks. Such as heart disease, weight gain, memory loss, diabetes, and others.

3. Bringing electronics to bed

5 Mistakes That Deny You Quality Sleep- Cellphones-sleeping-time

Cellphones have their pros and cons. One of the greatest disadvantages is while you use them in bed, they keep your body and brain alert when it should be shutting down to sleep. Not only cell phones but TVs, laptops, and other electronics. This is because the blue and white light they emit affects our circadian rhythm that controls our sleep-wake cycle. So, using them in bed shifts it off from its usual rhythm. Also, they make us anxious by just going through social media, work emails all these stimulate the brain to stay alert. This keeps you engaged instead of helping you sleep. Therefore, it is best to shut down all electronics an hour before bed.

4. Worrying about sleep

Do you worry about sleep too much? People who feel like they are sleeping late, not having all the eight hours, or worry that insomnia is taking over. Make a mistake that denies them quality sleep. Although it sounds contradicting, not stressing too much about sleep is vital to sleep better. Sleep is a process and not a voluntary thing that you tell your brain. Therefore, the more you worry and stress about sleep and your routine before you sleep, it becomes a challenge for your body to start relaxing and also for sleep to initiate. Avoid worrying about sleep, and if you feel that you need more of it. Shift to habits that will improve your sleep.

5. Taking caffeine mindlessly throughout the day

5 Mistakes That Deny You Quality Sleep- caffeine-sleeping-hour

Some have one caffeinated beverage daily, and others consume much more. If you are in the group of taking much more caffeine especially in the afternoon, this is a habit that will deny you quality sleep at night. Since caffeine is a drug, it will make you feel more alert towards your sleeping hours since it still in your system. As it increases adrenaline production when it blocks sleep-inducing chemicals in the brain. Plus, it takes up to six hours for one cup of caffeine to eliminate from your body. Thus, taking a caffeinated drink at 4 pm will keep you awake during your sleeping time.

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