5 Most Popular Restaurants in Kirrawee

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5 Most Popular Restaurants in Kirrawee

A vacation trip to any destination would not be complete without sampling the scrumptious meals. A visit to Kirrawee will give you a culinary experience like no other. Located in Southern Sydney, Kirrawee is a suburb that borders Sutherland to the West and Gymea to the east.

Most people dream of experiencing different cultures when on vacation. A good way of gaining this experience is by sampling cuisines from the top-rated restaurants. Here is a list of the five most popular restaurants you should sample in Kirrawee.

1. Moim Japanese Kitchen Kirrawee

Are you looking for an exotic and modern Japanese culinary experience? Then search no more; Moim Japanese Kitchen Kirrawee is the place to be. The restaurant is located along one of the quietest streets of Kirrawee. The restaurant also offers vegetarian and gluten-free meals.

Next time you are in Kirrawee, stop by Moim Japanese Kitchen and sample their flavorful salmon bento box.

2. My Bangkok Restaurant

For Thai lovers, My Bangkok Restaurant is the ideal culinary destination for you. The restaurant is family-owned, with the owners having close to 20 years of working experience within the food and beverage industry.

The restaurant mimics the ambience of a Bangkok restaurant with an additional warm and cozy touch. You get to experience Bangkok while in Australia. Next time you are in Kirrawee, don’t miss out on stopping by.

3. Pellegrini’s Italian

If you fancy Italian cuisine, a must-try hotel in Kirrawee is Pellegrini’s Italian. The restaurant has an array of mouthwatering Italian dishes to choose from. But, the best of all is their unique and most famous wood-fired pizza.

If you need a place to share a good meal with your loved ones, then Pellegrini’s Italian is the place to be. The best news is that all meals are freshly made once you order. This includes the pizza bases and pasta sauces.

4. Mix Pizza Bar

If you want to get the best pizza in Sutherland Shire, head on to Mix Pizza Bar. The restaurant’s pizza features quality thin crust with a generous amount of toppings.

Most importantly, the restaurant owner is quite friendly. So you don’t have to worry about your order being mixed up. He can fix you up a new order in no time. 

The eatery also has exemplary customer service from the chef to the cashier.

5. Thai Riffic

If you have been to Thailand, you know that Thai’s are quite fond of food. It is through food that they get to express their culture best. Thai Riffic is a replica of any restaurant you might find in Thailand. The eatery servers Kin Lien, which is similar to a first-course meal. The Kin Lien is a range of snacks you can have as you wait for your meal.

The restaurant also features Kab Khao, generally eaten with rice. In addition, the meal contains several other dishes that you can share with friends and family.

If you fancy some famous Thailand street dishes, you can opt for Aharn jarn dies. This dish is served in singular portions.

Food is Life

Sampling meals from these five restaurants will hook you for life. Food is one of the simple pleasures you can receive in life, so take your taste buds out for a trip in Kirrawee.

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