5 Must Visit Destinations for Solo Travellers

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5 Must Visit Destinations for Solo Travellers

Many travellers believe that going at it alone is the best way to experience new cultures and see the world. They don’t want the influence of someone else’s tastes, preferences or prejudices. When you’re travelling with someone, you easily forget about everything you planned to see and try; instead, you move your focus towards your companion. Therefore, you don’t fully enjoy your trip. That’s why we made a list of must-visit destination for all of you lone wolves.

Costa Rica

5 Must Visit Destinations for Solo Travellers

Behold, world’s happiest country – Costa Rica! And it’s easy to see why. They don’t have an army, they are a tropical paradise and they have stunning beaches. Americans adore Costa Rica, they’ve been surfing on the Pacific coast and rafting for decades there. For all of you solo thrill-seekers out there, this is the right place for you. Raft, tip-line or surf, the choice is yours. But, if you are a more of a calm type of person you can relax on stunning beaches since Costa Rica has more than 1,000 miles of coastline. Surely you’ll find a secluded beach you can enjoy all by yourself. However, avoid the rainy season which starts in April and ends in November.

North America

5 Must Visit Destinations for Solo Travellers

USA and Canada, New York City and Toronto – call them mainstream, but they have to be on this list. Both cities are laden with attractions sure to impress and occupy even the most jaded traveller, they are exceptionally easy to get around in transport-wise, are awesome for mingling and offer activities and accommodation of all levels of budget. Canadians are renowned for their friendliness *bats eyelashes coyly* and New Yorkers are a pretty outgoing bunch also. New York is perfect for solo holiday makers because there’s just so much to see and do. When you are visiting a city as big as New York, having a local guide to help you get around is a must. If you want an insider’s perspective to what’s new, what’s hot and what native New Yorkers like to do, try DMC New York programs for the best experience of the city. 


5 Must Visit Destinations for Solo Travellers

Are you up for a visit to the land of the ancient samurais? We advise you to do it! Japan has rich history and you have to see stunning temples and shrines if you go there. Kyoto is the ex-capital and it has around 2,000 Buddhist temples and shrines within the limits of the Kansai Region city. Nara alone is home to 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This country is filled with magnificent landscapes scattered throughout the country. Download a translator app to your phone and pack your bags. Tourist guides aren’t really expensive but if you don’t want to deal with people, there are apps that will guide you on your journey through Japan. There are tons of beautiful things in Japan even though most people associate this country only with skyscrapers and neon lights.


5 Must Visit Destinations for Solo Travellers

We had to mention the beloved land down under – Australia! Everyone knows that Sydney is a must-visit destination due to its stunning opera house and harbour, great bridge, nice parks, etc. But, do you want to wander off to some places that are segregated from the common tourists? If so, we recommend that you visit at least one wine region of Australia. For example, you could go to the Barossa Valley located near Adelaide. The landscapes are wonderful and there are a lot of fine wines to be sampled. On the other hand, there is place popular with tourists called Byron Bay. But you can easily find your piece of solitary heaven there. Book a room in one of many resorts where you can unwind and relax by the resort pool, enjoy beautiful beach walks or maybe try yoga and still avoid crowds. If you are the outdoor type, you can explore endless trails through the rainforest! There are countless options and the choice is yours!


5 Must Visit Destinations for Solo Travellers

Thailand is hands down one of the best destinations in the world for travellers. It has a rich history and stunning natural beauty. And also some awesome food! You must try Thai street food. The food is freshly cooked and there is a huge variety of it. Satay is one of the most popular choices. It is meat threaded on a bamboo stick served with the renowned peanut sauce. However, if you want to try something exotic, you can eat a fried insect or some raw beef. Besides, you’ll be there by yourself and no one will count your calories other than you. Beaches of Thailand are magnificent! Even though some have been ruined due to the uncontrolled development, you’ll still find pristine and secluded islands and beaches around the country such as Koh Kood, Surin Island and Koh Lanta.

We hope that you enjoyed our list and that you’ll at least consider visiting some of the places we’ve mentioned. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an adventurer or a more relaxed type of traveller, at least one of these places will satisfy your needs.

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