5 Reasons to Choose Pipe Relining

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5 Reasons to Choose Pipe Relining

This is terrible news indeed! Your plumber has just informed you that your blocked drain woes are caused by a broken drainpipe — right under your pristine lawn. 

It took you three years to get that lawn the way you wanted it. The last thing you want to do is go digging it up now. You can’t live without properly functioning drain pipes so…bring on the shovels!

Or, what if there were a better alternative? Here are 5 reasons to choose pipe relining over traditional excavation and pipe replacement.

1. Less Mess

Digging up your yard isn’t ideal, especially when you’ve worked really hard to get your landscaping exactly how you want it. But traditional pipe replacement requires digging down to the broken pipe in order to replace the damaged section. 

This makes quite the mess. Plus, it can be difficult to access your house depending on where the team is excavating. 

Pipe relining is an excellent alternative to excavation that doesn’t require this extra work. The procedure involves merely inserting a resin epoxy liner into the broken pipe to reinforce and repair it. Minimal digging required!

2. Less Time

Because of all the extra work involved in traditional pipe replacement, it can take up to two weeks from the time your pipe problem is diagnosed to when it actually is fixed. The pipe relining procedure is much quicker. In some cases, it can be finished in as little as one day!

3. Less Money

Obviously, with less digging, less mess, and less time involved, pipe relining is a more cost-effective procedure. You don’t have to worry about bringing in heavy-duty digging equipment or cleaning up the mess and trying to fix your landscaping after the fact. 

4. Less Future Worries

This is all sounding too good to be true so far. There must be a catch. It’s a patch job, right? It must not last very long?


Pipe relining is a sturdy option that reinforces your whole system. You can count on the solution to last up to 50 years — backed by a warranty from the manufacturer. This basically means you never have to worry about pipe problems again as long as you live in the house. 

5. Less Flow Problems

Drain pipes are typically made from cast iron, clay, or concrete. All of these materials have a rough surface, making it easier for calcified deposits to form or debris to get caught. This is part of what leads to pipe blockage issues in the first place. 

The epoxy liner provides a smooth, slick surface that facilitates the flow of water. This makes it far less likely for blockages to form, offering you peace of mind when it comes to your drain pipes. 

Say Goodbye to Drainpipe Problems!

Turns out, that terrible news wasn’t so bad after all. A simple bit of pipe relining will take care of your broken pipe worries without all the mess and bother of excavation. 

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