5 Reasons Why Crêpes Are The Best Dessert

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5 Reasons Why Crêpes Are The Best Dessert

These super thin desserts give countless options when it comes to fillings and toppings, even healthy choices; which is likely why we are seeing fast food restaurants put crepes on their menu. 5 reasons why crêpes are the best dessert.

1. The Choice Of Sweet Or Savory

The amazing thing about crepes is that whether you are in the mood for something sweet or something savoury, they have you covered. They can be packed to the brim with the good old favourites such as Nutella, bananas and sugared apples or they can be rammed with healthy choices such as eggs, chicken, vegetables and the list goes on. 

Nikole Grbin, an Adelaide-based health expert, notes that crepes are a snack she just can’t help but enjoy. “If I wasn’t a cake designer, I think I’d love to be one of the first crepe designers! Not sure how I could go about it, but I’d find a way. In seriousness, crepes are such a fantastic dessert because you truly have so many ways to make it fit your culinary taste.”

Just a glimpse of a crepe packed with goodness is enough to get the taste buds going, pancakes simply do not have the same flexibility. Plus, a savoury pancake just doesn’t have the same appeal.

2. Do You Know Of Any Pancake Restaurants?

Give this one a moment of thought; do you really know of any pancake restaurant? Now, what about restaurants serving crepes?  Yes, that’s right, that’s a popular thing to see. Why? because it works, crepes are well accepted as a stand-alone meal that people will come back for.

3. Can Be Enjoyed At Any Time

Of course, crepes make a great breakfast, however, they can also be enjoyed as any of the other meals. 

Eddie Bennett, a concreter by day but an amateur home chef at night, says that he’s enjoyed crepes at all hours of the day before. “You can whack a bit of Nutella in there and some ice cream on top for a dessert crepe, but putting some fresh berries or slices of banana on top as a breakfast meal works just as well too. There are loads to toy with when it comes to crepes.”

Pancakes are still tagged as a breakfast food, however, crepes have long passed that title, thanks to the choice of fillings available. They are starting to become the go-to alternative to fast food and provide a healthier option.

5 Reasons Why Crêpes Are The Best Dessert

4. It’s All About Having Some More!

We all love to have a bit more of what we like. Crepes are both thinner as well as softer than pancakes, which means you can enjoy more of them. They are packed with delicious fillings that can keep hunger locked up for a considerable amount of time.

5. A Healthy Alternative To Fast Food

Buckwheat flour, the traditional ingredient in crepes is healthy and gluten-free. Being thin, crepes have fewer calories, as well as less fat and sugar. 

For Mark Heyden, an Australian environmental expert, crepes are the perfect alternative to regular fast food. “Crepes are incredibly versatile, and you can truly make them into ways that you’d really enjoy. It’s a great way to enjoy either a savoury or healthy snack.”

If you are trying to keep a diet high in protein then you can fill them with Greek yoghurt and almond butter. It is easy to see why healthy food businesses are crazy about crepes.

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