5 Reasons Why Oktoberfest Is The Best

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5 Reasons Why Oktoberfest Is The Best

Oktoberfest in Germany 2017 will begin on Saturday, 16 September and ends on Wednesday, 4 October. Oktoberfest, the annual party that welcomes millions of people to Munich, Germany, to drink copious amounts of beer, is just around the corner. Whether you are going to fly to Germany to celebrate or stay, here are 5 reasons why Oktoberfest is the best.

1. Beer

Where else could we start? This is literally the biggest reason you are reading this article, isn’t it? Be honest. Ok, maybe you genuinely like all things Bavarian. Much like thousands of other beer lovers you want to sample its delight.

Germany takes its beer so seriously that they have a ‘purity law’ ensuring you get the purest beer possible. Leave the beer to the Germans. So during Oktoberfest drink the good stuff to mark the event people.

2. Food

Good beer requires good food. All the good beer you’re going to drink will require good Bavarian food to soak it up. Like Schnitzel, Pretzels and some Bratwurst.

3. Clothing

It is Oktoberfest, you got to dress up in the customary Lederhosen. You won’t be the only one, Oktoberfest is all about embracing the culture, so have fun and go along with it.

4. Party Atmosphere

Great authentic German food and beer lend to a great party atmosphere. The waiters and waitresses all don the traditional attire and did we say beer, so much of this sweet golden nectar in one place. Dance among beer lovers chugging down homemade German beer.

5. Addidas helping celebrate Oktoberfest

Sports giant, Addidas, is bringing a new pair of shoes into the market designed especially with Oktoberfest in mind. They are completely beer and vomit repellent and it comes in brown to match your traditional leather pants. Above its shoe stripes, it has a gold embroidery “Prost” on them, which is cheers in German. Watch the video below if you want to grab a pair.

Oktoberfest, the traditional Bavarian festival where you dance, drink great beer and eat traditional Bavarian is one festival you do not want to miss this year.

Here’s a promotional video of Oktoberfest in the Gardens 2017 in Australia.

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