5 Signs You Are Getting Fitter

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5 Signs You Are Getting Fitter

When you start your fitness routine it takes a while to see the results. To see any real difference in your body you need to be dedicated and stick to your workout. It can be incredibly hard to stick to your workout routine, especially in the beginning. But if you continue to put in the effort the results are undeniably rewarding. To keep you motivated and on the road to self-transformation here are the 5 signs you are getting fitter.

Let’s list the 5 subtle signs that indicate you are fitter than you realise.

1. Your energy levels rise

One of the best things about staying active is that every day you feel more energetic. Exercising will give you more energy to do the things you love throughout the day, every day.

What are the signs you are getting more energetic?

You’ll notice that it’s easier to get up in the morning, that you are not looking to have another cup of coffee to power you through the day and you feel less tired through the day.

2. More repetitions

lady using rope exercise

At the gym and through your exercise routine, you’ll notice that you can do more reps in your fitness routine whether it’s more squats, lunges, burpees or lift more. A definite sign that your fitness levels are improving.

3. Excited about your next training session

When you start or return to a fitness routine, it can be daunting for anyone.It can be at best mentally and physically challenging. Every part of your body and mind telling you to skip the next session. You have to get used to the machines at the gym, all the different fitness aids and the many different workouts. Takes time to know how to use fitness machines and to find workouts that suit you and challenge you too.

How do you know that your fitness is improving?

When your mindset shifts and you are excited and looking forward to your next exercise session.

4. Increase the weights you lift

lady lifting bar weights

As your fitness level increases, you’ll notice that you’re lifting your usual weights easier and that you have to increase the weights so you can workout with the same intensity as you used to. Aside from feeling really good, this also means that you are getting fitter and bonus it’s happening faster.

5. Increase time of workout

This has to be the most obvious sign that you are getting fitter. What used to be a short workout with tongue sticking out and your heart pounding out of your chest, is now a breeze. You are now able to power through longer workouts and you’re increasing intensity and lengthening the time of your workout.


In general, as your fitness increases, this is the time that you will start seeing changes in your body. Your clothes will fit better, your energy levels are going to increase, and your mood will improve. The road to fitness is not an easy one but it is an extremely rewarding one, so stick with it. Make your fitness a priority in your life and consistently keep at it. Why not find a friend to workout with?

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