5 Signs Your Relationship Is Over And You Need A Lawyer

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5 Signs Your Relationship Is Over And You Need A Lawyer

Relationships can begin to break down for a wide range of reasons, and family lawyers Melbourne are there to guide you through these periods under any circumstances. It can be hard to know when a relationship is merely going through a rough patch; and when it is time to try a separation or divorce.

Fortunately, there are some signs that tend to indicate your relationship is breaking down; and that you will need a lawyer. Moving forward with a separation or divorce is difficult, but Rockwell Bates Family Lawyers will help you navigate your right and legal entitlements to put your mind at ease.

First, however, you need to know where you likely stand in your relationship. Let’s look at five signs your relationship is over or heading towards a breakup, and you need a lawyer.

Couple’s Therapy Does Not Work

If you have tried to use a couple’s therapy as a means to work out your disagreements and clashing views; then there may eventually be hope for your relationship. If the therapy does not seem to be making any progress or seems to make each of you more settled in your original perspectives. Then your relationship might be breaking down.

This is especially the case if you or your partner refuse to go to therapy to resolve your differences.

Your Relationship Lacks Intimacy

Loving and stable relationships have a healthy degree of intimacy. This includes interpersonal closeness of all kinds. If you notice that the intimacy in your relationship is gone; and that you no longer consider your partner a close confidant. Then your relationship may be breaking down.

Your Fighting Is Escalating

If you and your partner seem to be fighting more and about more trivial things, then it is time to have an honest conversation about your relationship. If you cannot resolve your differences with a long-term view in mind, then your relationship may break down.

You No Longer Trust Your Partner

Trust is an essential element of a stable relationship. However, if your partner has done something that has violated your trust irreparably, then your relationship may be breaking down.

Your Partner Is Abusive Or Violent

Nobody should ever need to put up with abuse or violence, especially in a relationship. If your partner acts abusively towards you or your children, then it is time to engage a lawyer to consider your next steps. This is not always easy to accept or do, but it is better to reach out and get support sooner rather than later.

Find The Right Family Law Firm To Work With

These are five tips to help you determine whether you need to engage a lawyer in the midst of your relationship breakdown. If your relationship is starting to show some of these signs, or if you feel that moving forward with a separation or a divorce is in your future, then get in touch with the right family lawyers who will guide you through the process.

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