5 Simple Tricks to Look Amazing in Your Wedding Photos

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5 Simple Tricks to Look Amazing in Your Wedding Photos

Having a great wedding also includes having great photos you can enjoy for the rest of your life. Brides are especially demanding when it comes to their special day, and you’re probably no different. Many women find it stressful to pose in their wedding dresses, trying to look perfect and natural at the same time. The following tricks will help you to look amazing in each of your wedding photos.

Spend time in front of the mirror

5 Simple Tricks to Look Amazing in Your Wedding Photos

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you need to get all narcissistic but looking yourself in the mirror will definitely show you your strengths. You will definitely discover your best poses, your more photogenic side of the face and positions that flatter you most. Practice different types of smile, too. You don’t want to grin in the same way on all of your photos. In time, you’ll automatically know how to strike a pose. It will strengthen your confidence and make you feel more relaxed.

Let them take photos from up above

It’s a lot easier to take a great photo from up above. People tend to look better when they’re looking up. It’ll be easy to find a great spot for the photographer – from a balcony, at the top of a staircase or even from the top of a ladder. And your face will look slimmer, while you’ll also seem a few inches taller.

Hire great professionals

5 Simple Tricks to Look Amazing in Your Wedding Photos

In order to look perfect in your wedding photos, you also need to make sure that before that you find great professionals that will help you look as best you can. Find a reliable hairstylist who will know not only to do the haircut you want but also to stir you into the right directions and make suggestions depending on your hair type and shape of your face. 

The right makeup artists can also do wonders, hiding every flaw on your face and yet making you look radiant and natural. Make sure they apply waterproof mascara and eyeliner – the tears of joy won’t bother them and they will also open your eyes. And don’t forget to change the blush – you’ll need to apply a heavier shade when the evening comes.

Lastly, find the best wedding photographer who shares your vision and style – it will guarantee your photos will reflect who you are and what your personal style is all about. Not to mention the fact that a good photographer manages to turn almost every take into perfection.

Look away

Some brides feel uncomfortable looking at the camera. If you’re the same, the simplest trick is to look away while the camera is clicking. Act as if you don’t see the photographer and focus on something else in front of you. It may be hard in the beginning but you’ll get more comfortable with every minute that passes.

Enjoy the moment

5 Simple Tricks to Look Amazing in Your Wedding Photos

Many wedding couples waste a lot of time worrying about the details. Many of those details still remain unnoticed by the guests while the photos show afterwards how tense the couple was. It’s guaranteed that the tension you’re feeling will be transparent on your wedding photos. That’s why you need to draw the line somewhere and decide to enjoy the moment. It’s your wedding day – the negative stuff will be forgotten while the happiness of the moment will be forever visible in the photos.

Final words

In the end, you need to be realistic about your physical look and realize that how you feel about yourself will also affect the quality of photos. If you are genuinely happy, it will show on the photos. These tricks are only there to boost up the positive result.

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