5 Simple Ways to Set up a Home Cinema

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5 Simple Ways to Set up a Home Cinema

Nowadays, the home cinema has become like a rare outing that someone can afford, just to remind them what it feels like to go to the cinema with popcorn, sit with a huge number of people and watch a movie or go to see a screening in one of the new formats, such as 3D, 4D and so on.

The era of the Internet and the availability of everything contributed to all of this, so we have films available on the Internet immediately after the release, which distracts many from going to the cinema and watching a really good movie.

In a few steps, you will have in front of you a cinema of dimensions that suits you and you can play one of the movies, TV series or whatever you want to watch.  5 simple ways to set up a home cinema.

1. HDMI cables are essential

Let’s start with the tiniest but the most important equipment, just because everything needs to be connected to work, and without HDMI cables that’s impossible. The great thing is that HDMI cables can be found in every electronic service or computer shop, even in any bigger general shops.

Of course, HDMI cables are crucial in connecting audio and video devices, therefore it has been the most popular connector for more than one decade. Connecting laptop and TV with HDMI cables, DVD or BlueRay player, receivers, or any other devices with compatible receivers, monitors, or TVs. All of this clearly states that HDMI cables are essential and the first step into creating a home cinema.

2. Computers or DVD Players?

The next piece of equipment on the list required for creating a perfect home cinema is a PC, which, nowadays, most people own. Aside from computers, DVD players can be an alternative but almost as efficient solution. And to make it simpler, if your DVD player has a USB input, you can transfer all movies and TV series on one USB device and watch all of them through the DVD player. However, for that case, it is easier to use a PC, because with the internet connection you can watch anything you want online, and with just a little effort, watch your favourite movies on your TV or connect it with a projector.

3. TV or Projector?

Whether you’ll choose a TV or projector is absolutely on you, as almost everyone has a TV at home, but a projector requires a bigger investment. It’s worthy to go for TVs with bigger dimensions, but if you want real quality and stronger experience, you should go with a projector and place it in the middle of the room, and point it in direction of an empty wall, or any other empty, but even surface, preferably white colour and you will get a real cinema panel in your house. Keep in mind that in case of deciding to go for TV you will have to get a new generation of TVs that can be connected with other devices.

4. Seat choice & positioning for a decent view

The style of seating, its distance, and the appropriate angle that gives us that visual sweet spot is all directly related to the size of the TV. There are many different sorts of seating to select from when it comes to sitting. Traditional theatre seats, a huge comfortable sofa, ottoman bean bags sofa, or armchairs with leg supports are all options.

It’s best to go with whatever is most comfortable for you and fits within your home theatre. Engineers and scientists have attempted to calculate the ideal viewing distance for viewers to provide the greatest experience. They came up with the following formula: multiply the diagonal size of the display by 1.5 to 2.5 to find the distance between your seating area and the display.

5. Placing speakers at right spot for amazing pleasure

A home theatre without a good set of speakers would not be a cinema. You need a set of 6 speakers, which is quite enough and great, but if you want you can also take the one of 8. Place the 6-speaker audio system so that the subwoofer speaker is on the floor, while the centre speaker should be under the TV.

Set the rear speakers at ear level to sit on the left and right, and the front speakers must be on the left and right of the TV. If you have two additional speakers, place them to the left and right of the seat, hanging them on the walls.

Once you get all this done, get popcorn, juices, and sweets, invite the company and enjoy the movie!


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