5 Sydney Cafés That Are Sure To Make You A Morning Person

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5 Sydney Cafés That Are Sure To Make You A Morning Person

Over the past few years, Australians have demanded more from their café-going experience. Indeed, a recent survey done by Woodcut found that the majority of Australians (42.7 percent) value a café primarily for its atmosphere. Two other important features for respondents included customer service (40.8 percent) and value (28.9 percent). It’s clear from Woodcut’s research that Australians are now interested in overall ambience of the café rather than its food or coffee.

Thanks in large part to its cosmopolitan flair, Sydney is regarded as the mecca of Australia’s booming café culture. With such a long list of diverse and innovative cafés to try, it can be quite overwhelming for newcomers to decide where to eat in this energetic megalopolis. If you’re not sure where to go for breakfast in this dynamic city, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve sifted through Sydney’s thousands of eateries to present you with the five absolute best breakfast cafés. No matter what café you choose on this list, you’re sure to have a divine breakfast in The Harbour City. The 5 top cafés that are sure to make you a morning person are as follows:

1. Porch & Parlour

We’ll start our list with Porch & Parlour, an extremely popular café on Sydney’s Bondi Beach. Founded in 2010, Porch & Parlour prides itself on its attention to detail both in food and atmosphere. All of the ingredients used at Porch & Parlour come from local farmers, and chefs work hard to create fresh dishes inspired by the latest trends in health food. A few brunch favourites at Porch & Parlour include beef bone broth, green pea pancakes, and chili labneh eggs. Porch & Parlour is also open for dinner during Daylight Savings time. You can find Porch & Parlour at 110 Ramsgate Avenue.

2. Two Good Eggs Café

With a name like Two Good Eggs, you’d better believe this café serves up succulent eggs benedict. Café owners proudly claim they have “Sydney’s best eggs,” and many tourists agree. Indeed, reviews on TripAdvisor have been so positive that Two Good Eggs now holds the second place spot on the “Best Cafés in Sydney” list. Besides the eggs benedict, a few specialties on Two Good Eggs’ menu include a sweet potato with egg and cheddar, pancakes with strawberry and vanilla, and fruit toast smothered in goat’s cheese, walnuts, and honey. If you hit the snooze button, don’t sweat it; Two Good Eggs offers breakfast all day long. Two Good Eggs Café is located at 148 Goulburn Street in Sydney’s Surry Hills section.

3. Social Brew Café Restaurant

Now that you know the second best café in Sydney per TripAdvisor, you’re probably dying to know what eatery took the top spot, right? Well, here’s the name you need to know: Social Brew Café Restaurant. Not only is Social Brew Café lauded on TripAdvisor, it also won a spot in The Urban List’s top ten list for the “Best Breakfast in Sydney.” So, what makes this café so special? Well, how about wood-smoked salmon with avocado, ricotta hotcakes with maple syrup and strawberries, and smoked ham with cheddar, ale, and honey mustard on sourdough bread. Yeah, it’s that good. If you’re looking for the hottest name offering unique Australian-inspired fare, then look no further than Social Brew Café at 224 Harris Street.

4. Paramount Coffee Project

Yet another highly reviewed Surry Hills café is Paramount Coffee Project. Interestingly, this café was a merger between three local coffee shops in 2013. At Paramount Coffee Project, coffee is…well, paramount! This café is the perfect spot for java junkies to savour the flavours of local brews. They’re so into coffee at Paramount that they often offer educational sessions on coffee brewing. Menus are constantly changing with different coffees, espressos, and iced brews depending on what locally sourced beans Paramount baristas can get their hands on. Although coffee is the main focus here, there are plenty of mouthwatering dishes to try with your cuppa, Joe. Be sure to try Paramount’s heavenly waffles with a big dollop of ice cream for dessert! Paramount Coffee Project is headquartered at 80 Commonwealth Street. P.S. for any Americans reading this article, PCP has a sister store in Los Angeles.

5. Yellow

The greatest breakfast café for vegetarians has to be Yellow in Potts Point. Perhaps the best thing about this restaurant (besides the food, of course) is the price. The staff at Yellow work extremely hard to keep all their prices affordable so patrons can enjoy a fine European dining experience without breaking the bank. A few popular menu items for weekend brunch include toasted licorice bread, Jerusalem artichoke in goat’s yogurt, and an eggplant with corn and black garlic. Yellow’s official address is 57 MacLeary Street.

So, are you hungry yet? Yeah, we thought so. Hopefully, this list has helped you decide where to breakfast with family and friends while touring Sydney. Remember to set your alarm clocks early to take advantage of Sydney’s hot café culture. You’ll be so glad you didn’t sleep in once you’re munching on the dozens of delectable goodies listed above.

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