5 Things That Oddly Result In Better Sex

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5 Things That Oddly Result In Better Sex

The most effective ways to improve your sex life is, of course, going to be good communication, knowing your body sexual responses, developing emotional intimacy and not using sex as a manipulation tool. There are also another 5 things that oddly result in better sex, although they don’t seem to be in the same calibre as the before mentioned. However, they do contribute to better sex.

1. Get into extreme Sports

After being in an adrenaline-pumping situation, people tend to find the other person more attractive. When you are doing something exciting, your heart races and your nervous system is active. Much the same as when you are sexually aroused -which can get confused with sexual attraction. According to a study in Archives of Sexual Behavior, people find one another more attractive after engaging in such activities, and one famous 1974 study found that people were more likely to ask someone out after walking over a tall bridge.

2. Oral hygiene

According to a study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine,  found that men with gum disease were more susceptible to ED. The study speculates that the bacteria in the mouth travels into the bloodstream and interferes with circulation. Blood flow to the men’s sexual orgasms is an essential part of their arousal process.

3. Exercise

If you aim at having better sex, start to adopt an exercise routine. Exercise causes us to feel better, it elevates our mood caused by the endorphins and creates a feeling of calmness.

After working out, she found that women’s bodies respond faster and more intensely to sexual content, or get aroused faster after exercise. Plus working out together improves intimacy, much like extreme sports – things like sweating, increased heartbeat, and shortness of breath mimic sexual arousal. It’s a great reason to stay active.

4. Better orgasms when wearing socks

Socks yet strange piece of clothing for sexual arousal is said to work wonders for your sex life, according to a Dutch study.

A University of Groningen study found that, when provided with socks to wear, brain scans showed 80 per cent of couples were able to reach orgasm, compared to just 50% who could climax without socks.

5. Have a TV in the bedroom


A TV in your bedroom can improve your sex life according to a poll conducted by VoucherCodesPro.uk. It makes sense when you look at the possible reasons why. Participants cited reasons like watching porn together, watching their favourite shows together and watching TV while lovemaking.

These are the 5 things that have an interesting better your sex life. They will take your sex life from average to better than ever.

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