5 Tips for a Smooth Transition to Canada With Your Family

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5 Tips for a Smooth Transition to Canada With Your Family

One of the top benefits of acquiring a Canadian permanent residence visa is that you can bring your dependents with you during or after your migration. They can apply the same time as you so that you, your spouse or partner, and kids can start a new life in the Great White North as a complete family.

When you move to Canada with your family, you will have fewer things to worry about. You won’t have to be constantly concerned about the welfare of the kids you left behind. More importantly, getting through all the challenges of being an expat will be easier since you have your loved ones with you for support.

However, do not the mistake of assuming that everything will go smoothly when you immigrate with your loved ones. When you migrate to Canada with your family from the UAE or any other country, you will still undergo several obstacles. You will even face some of these before your flight.

Reducing the Stress and Challenges of Relocating With Your Family

The right strategies will help you and your family experiences a smoother transition.

Below are five tips that will enable you and your loved ones to prepare for the big move and be on the right track as you start your new life in Canada:

1. Involve everyone

After everyone has gotten their visas, set a meeting and create a timetable for your big move. Whether you will be leaving within two months or so, you need to have a plan that details everything everyone has to do before the flight.

Discuss all the chores your kids have to do in preparation for the move. These include packing their things, helping with the garage sale or donating items to a local charity, etc. Make sure they have a timetable for this and that they follow it to avoid rushing and all the ensuing chaos that comes from it.

When making your moving schedule, make sure you ask your kids for their input. Getting your kids fully involved in the plan will help you avoid the headaches of repeatedly reminding them to do their tasks.

During the planning stage, take the time to discuss with them the other crucial elements that will come with your move. These include the date and time of flight, who will have their room and who will have to share in the new home, etc. Make sure they have a say in everything and let them make decisions on their own, whenever possible.

2. Get to know Canada with your family

Having some knowledge of the country you will be moving to will help you feel more confident and prepared to take on new challenges. As such, learn as much as you can about Canada: its culture, lifestyle, popular destinations, educational and healthcare system, etc.

Share information or read about Canada and the state or city you are headed with your family. Additionally, facilitate discussions after these learning sessions. Ask your kids what they are most excited about to see in their new neighbourhood.

Researching your destination will allow you and your family to know what to expect. As parents, you will be able to make plans that will help your kids to deal with all possible difficulties.

3. Choose your new home carefully

Staying at a temporary accommodation is a good idea upon your arrival in Canada. But if you want to move to a long-term home as soon as possible.

Look for neighbourhoods that are popular and ideal for families. Find out if the area is safe by checking the latest crime rates. Ensure your possible home is near schools, hospitals, and clinics as well so that you and your family will have easy access to these facilities and services.

Additionally, check the prevailing rental rates as well. Make sure you can afford the initial payments and the succeeding monthly fees.

But before you commit to a new home, make sure you view it at different times of the day. Only sign the lease and make your down payment when you are completely satisfied with the house or apartment.

4. Get the important things done

As soon as you have found your permanent accommodation, you need to take care of the other vital things that you have to once you arrive in Canada. These include:

  • Getting a local number or SIM
  • Applying for a Social Insurance Number or SIN
  • Opening a bank account
  • Obtaining health insurance
  • Transferring your driver’s license

Finding a school for your kids is something that you have to prioritize after your relocation as well. Visit all nearby ones with your children. With the staff’s permission, check the classrooms, playground, canteen, library, and other facilities. Encourage your kids to talk to the teachers and other personnel.

Involve your kids in the final selection of their school. By doing so, you will be sure they will feel more comfortable and confident in their new learning environment.

5. Set a routine

Finally, young kids adapt and thrive better when they have a routine to follow. If you want your kids to acclimatize faster in a new environment, establish a daily and weekly schedule as soon as possible.

Try to implement routines and structures your kids used to follow in your previous home. For example, have breakfast and dinner at the same time as you did before the move. If you bring your family to the park on Saturdays, make it a habit to do this every week.

In case you drive or walk your kids to school, do this as well, especially during the first few weeks. You can let them ride the school bus once they say they are ready to do so.

Regardless of which stage you are in the relocation process, encourage everyone to speak their mind and to be involved. When everyone is on the same page and supporting each other, your new life in Canada will be a success and certainly happier.

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