5 Tips for an Unforgettable Sailing Trip with a Yacht Charter

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5 Tips for an Unforgettable Sailing Trip with a Yacht Charter

With summer slowly approaching, many of us are looking forward to finally kick-off our 2021 travels and go on unforgettable escapades. Some of our trips will take us city hopping from one magnificent destination to the next; while others will take us on those soul-searching escapades in nature and the seaside. From those lengthy cruise line adventures to those bustling urban gems of Europe, there’s plenty you can see and do in the Mediterranean this year.

However, there’s nothing quite like chartering a yacht and sailing away to your own unforgettable adventure in the sea. Now, yachting doesn’t just let you explore the honey-hued beaches and hidden islands of the Med; it also allows you to drop the anchor at some of the most magnificent marinas and seaside cities; so that you can go off exploring to your heart’s content. 

Here are some key tips that will help you organize an unforgettable sailing trip when you’re chartering a yacht in the Med this year. 5 tips for an unforgettable sailing trip with a yacht charter.

1. Pick the right boat

To start, it’s important to choose a boat, or rather a yacht, that suits your needs, your travel plans, and your overarching itinerary. After all, you want to make sure that you have a pleasurable and comfortable experience when sailing around the Med, and that you’re always safe and secure wherever you are. There are many different types of boats you can choose from, and some are crewed while others come without a crew or a captain.

For the latter, you will need to have proof that you’re a licensed captain and that you’re fit and capable to operate the yacht yourself. If you’re traveling in a group, then something like a catamaran is a great choice for long sailing escapades, but a regular yacht is a fine choice as well. If you’re up for an experience of a lifetime, though, then you can splurge on a luxurious yacht as well.

2. Find the best marinas

The Mediterranean is a vast sea, and many countries claim their piece of these waters. From the south of Spain to the South of France, all the way to the shores of beautiful Italy and the historic cities of Croatia and beyond, there’s no shortage of amazing destinations in the Med. All of this can seem a bit overwhelming at first, so it’s important to map your routes and destinations before you set sail.

The direction you take doesn’t matter as much as the individual destinations that you simply have to visit. Now, docking at some seaside towns is simply impossible because not all destinations have their marinas, so make sure to prioritize the cities where you can dock safely. Explore the neighboring cities as well via land to get the full local experience.

3. Find an experienced local crew

The Mediterranean is home to numerous countries and nations dating back to ancient times. This is a place rich with history and cultural heritage, and it would be a shame if you didn’t learn about your destinations while you’re sailing the Med. It would also be a shame if you were to miss a key destination because you simply didn’t know how to get there.

That’s why it’s so important to look for local crewed yacht charters where you’ll not only get a luxurious yacht, you’ll also get an experienced crew that knows the Mediterranean like the back of their hand. The crew will not only accommodate all your needs during your voyage but will also design the perfect itinerary to give you an unforgettable sailing adventure in the Med.

4. Create a tailored itinerary

Speaking of your itinerary, keep in mind that the Mediterranean is a vast and expansive place, and you can’t hope to see and do it all here in a single trip. That’s why you need to lay out your voyage carefully and create a detailed itinerary so that you don’t waste any time but still experience as much of it as you can. 

To that end, be sure to work with your yacht charter company to plan out the perfect itinerary for you. Typically, you’ll find that the best sailing routes are the ones that will take you across the Adriatic to visit Croatia and Italy but will also take you way down into the Aegean and beyond to explore Greece, Rhodes, Crete, and more.

5. Monitor the weather forecasts

Last but not least, be sure to stay on top of the weather forecasts before you book your trip and before you set sail. The summer months are relatively calm in the Med, but there’s no denying that you may come across some stormy weather along the way. You want to avoid unpleasant weather conditions as much as possible, so it’s important to monitor the forecast and plan your sailing route according to the weather and environmental shifts. 

Raise the sails

Sailing the Mediterranean is one of the most rewarding experiences you can get. Use these tips to organize an unforgettable yachting trip and experience the beauty of the Med this summer season.

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