5 Tips for Staying Healthy While Pregnant

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5 Tips for Staying Healthy While Pregnant

From the moment you become aware of your pregnancy, your concern number one should be finding ways to stay healthy and in that way protect your baby.

You are faced with tons of questions about what you should change in your lifestyle, what to eat and what to stop eating, and many similar questions.

Learning the right answers to those questions is highly important because it’s your baby’s life at stake. That’s why we compiled a list of the most important tips that will help you stay healthy while pregnant. 5 tips for staying healthy while pregnant.

1. Nutrition

5 Tips for Staying Healthy While Pregnant

A healthy diet is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, and when you’re pregnant, nutrition is even more important. Eating nutritious pregnancy food will not only help your baby grow and develop but will also reduce the chances of anemia, low birth weight, and birth defects.

That’s why you should make sure that you eat a variety of healthy foods each day. Foods such as vegetables and fruit, protein, and whole-grain foods. Also choose foods with healthy fats such as nuts, seeds, fish, and stay away from processed sugar, too much sodium, and saturated fat.

Make sure you drink plenty of water and lower your caffeine intake. Beverages such as coffee, tea, energy, and chocolate drinks, and others that contain caffeine should be safe but only in small amounts (below 300mg per day).

2. Exercise

Hand in hand with nutrition comes exercise. Being active can improve your health and help you control your weight during pregnancy. Exercise can also help you deal with stress and provide you with better sleep. 

Exercises such as yoga, pilates, walking, and swimming are some of the perfect workouts for pregnant women. 30 minutes of exercise every day is enough and it will keep you fit and healthy throughout your pregnancy. Even 15-20 minutes of walking every day counts as exercise, so make sure you go for a stroll.

Of course, not all ladies are allowed to exercise during their pregnancy, that’s why you should consult with your doctor before taking up any activity. And the most important thing is to simply listen to your body. If you don’t feel like you can exercise on certain days – don’t do it.

3. Prenatal vitamins

5 Tips for Staying Healthy While Pregnant

We all need certain vitamins and minerals to lead a healthy life, but when you’re pregnant you need even more of them since you’re growing a person now. Many nutrients you can get from the food, but prenatal vitamins are there to help patch up the holes. 

Many doctors recommend taking vitamins when you’re still trying to conceive. This is because nutrients such as folic acid, iron, and calcium can help the healthy development of a baby’s spinal cord and brain in the first months of pregnancy. 

Usually, your doctor will prescribe you prenatal vitamins, but you should know that you can get them over the counter in most drugstores. Before taking any sort of vitamin, make sure you consult with your doctor.

4. Protect your skin

Pregnancy is the time when your body is changing and so does your skin. During pregnancy, skin is even more sensitive than usual, and that’s exactly why you should take more care of it.

Never leave the house without applying sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. A hat and sunglasses will also help protect your skin from sunburns and the appearance of those dark spots on your face. Additionally, avoid using tanning beds when you’re pregnant. 

5. Keep your hands clean

5 Tips for Staying Healthy While Pregnant-wash hands

COVID-19 has made us aware of hand washing, but even before the outbreak, keeping our hands clean was crucial, especially during pregnancy. 

Keeping your hands clean can protect you and your baby from infections such as Fifth disease, cytomegalovirus, and chickenpox which can cause severe birth defects and other complications. That’s why washing hands and using hand sanitisers during pregnancy is highly recommended.

Keep in mind that these are only some of the tips that can help you stay healthy during your pregnancy. The most important thing is to always consult with your doctor before making any decisions or taking any medications or vitamins. 

Jasmine Anderson

Jasmine Anderson is a Sydney-based lifestyle blogger and a toddler mom.

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