5 Tips on Adjusting to Normal Life as a New Mother

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5 Tips on Adjusting to Normal Life as a New Mother

As a new mother, life can sometimes feel as if it has been turned upside down. With sleepless nights and a new baby to look after. It can be difficult to reconcile your old life with your life post-birth. However, this guide will help you to slowly return to normal life, with tips on how to look after yourself as well as your baby. These 5 tips on adjusting to normal life as a new mother.

1. Use Formula Milk

Breastfeeding can help create a bond between you and your baby and ensure that they get the right nutrients that they need to grow healthy. However, if you choose not to breastfeed, or when it comes to weaning your baby off breast milk, you should ensure that you invest in formula milk with the right nutrients for your baby. Although breastfeeding is often the best option, formula milk can allow you to get back to normal life by ensuring that your child is not dependant on your presence and can be taken to childcare, for instance. Bubbahood provides a scientifically tested formula milk, S-26, for mothers looking to wean their children off breast milk, with all the minerals that your child needs to stay healthy.

2. Start Gentle Exercise

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If pregnancy weight is knocking your self-confidence, you should look into starting gentle exercises which can help you to lose weight and regain the body that you used to have. Pelvic floor exercises and other forms of gentle exercise are perfect for new mothers, and you should gradually start to build these up over time. You should also consider taking your baby for a walk as this will help you to enjoy the benefits of fresh air while also improving the health of your baby. You may also want to look into post-birth exercise classes in your area so that you can meet other new mothers and start your fitness journey with others.

3. Think About Self-Care

Having a baby can be difficult, from sleepless nights to constant dependency. If you are struggling to keep up your with baby’s demands, you should make an effort in the self-care department. For instance, you should hand over your baby to a relative or friend for one evening a week to give yourself a break, or take it in turns with a partner or relative to soothe the baby during the night. It will ensure that you are physically and mentally fit to look after your baby, which will benefit both you and your child in the long-run.

4. Get Back to Work

Once you are fully recovered from the birth, you may start missing the routine and independence of work. If this is so, you should contact your boss and ask about returning to work. Doing so will enable you to have time to work on your own goals throughout the day. In terms of the baby, you should ask relatives if they can look after them or place them in childcare. You could also ask your partner if they could share taking time off work with you so that you each get the freedom of work while looking after the baby. Alternatively, many workplaces now have creches for babies of any age. However, returning to work can be stressful for new mothers, so you should make sure that you return gradually to the workplace. This will then reduce the pressure of handling both your career and looking after your baby.

5. Take Baby Out and About

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Sometimes, the lack of social life and commitment towards your baby can make your house start to seem claustrophobic. If you are undergoing the onset of cabin fever, you should try and get out and about as much as possible. Although this may be difficult with a new-born baby, you should visit places that they can come with you, such as a walk to the park or to a Mother and Baby group, which both you and your baby will enjoy. Not only will this help you relax, but it will also ensure that you meet other mothers who are in the same boat, allowing you to share your experiences and tips with each other.

Although becoming a mother can sometimes be daunting, there are many things that can help you to adjust to your new life as a mother. From weaning your baby off breast milk to joining mother and baby groups, there are many places that you can find support and ways in which you can return to your daily life, balancing both your new life with your old.

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