5 Top e-commerce Platforms For Your Australian Business 

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5 Top e-commerce Platforms For Your Australian Business

Selecting an e-commerce platform is a complicated task while considering the things required to run a successful online business. Here are the 5 top e-commerce platforms for your Australian business. In the E-commerce website development process you will need:

  • Web hosting space 
  • Unique Domain name 
  • Website builder 
  • Online transactions 
  • Features to improve website performance 
  • Functions to grow sales

You will need some time to make the final decision about your e-commerce website design and features. Some answers you need to find before deciding the best e-commerce website development Australia:

  • What types of product you will be selling?
  • What will be your target audience?
  • How many categories of products will you provide?
  • What will be the method of completing transactions?
  • What are your marketing strategies?
  • Have you decided on your long-term goals with this business?

This will help in getting a clear understanding of your e-commerce business and implement the right strategies for better conversion rates and online presence. Choosing a high-quality e-commerce platform will decide your business success in the digital world.

Let us look at some top e-commerce platforms for business in Australia:

1. Magento 

It is a great platform with many plugins and extensions available to boost sales of your e-commerce business. You will definitely need a Magento developer to customize the online store to make it user-friendly and gain potential customers. Advantages of using the Magento store are:

  • Highly Customizable

Magento allows business owners to edit the platform and meet their customer’s expectations effortlessly. It provides support to unlimited products, attributes, and online transactions to make it an affordable platform for merchants. 

  • Multiple Store Support 

This feature allows owners to handle multiple stores based on products, locations, or different outlets. All one need to do is run multiple websites using a single CMS installation, manage the products, and place orders from one location. 

  • Integrating Extensions

We can integrate Magento with any external platforms. The E-commerce market is always growing, so you need to maintain in sync with the latest trends with the help of Magento. 

  • Community

They have introduced Magento for a long time and has built a large community of Magneto developers. They have produced high-quality extensions and plugins to grow the e-commerce store effortlessly.  

2. Shopify

It is a popular e-commerce website platform which provides great facilities to the e-commerce website developers. Shopify is a brilliant solution with a website builder, payment processing, hosting, and more features that can help in customizing the e-commerce store. Benefits of using this e-commerce platform are:

  • Performance of E-commerce store

Shopify helps in building websites with the fast loading speed and stable platform. It hosts software to take the responsibility for giving a secure and high performing website.  

  • Time to market

It has an outstanding collection of designed themes which are free of cost. Shopify helps in e-commerce website development at minimal cost and efforts which makes it time-to-market fast. 

  • Support 

They have a great support team and if you have a Shopify Plus account, you get your own Account manager in Australia for the support. The developers or business owners can reach the support team anytime they find an issue or need to resolve any error during the website development.  

3. WooCommerce 

It is an open-source e-commerce plugin that allows in transforming a WordPress website into a better functional e-commerce website. There are many extensions that help in integrating payment gateways, sales, shipping, and Email marketing. Pros of using this platform are:

  • Customization 

It allows in controlling the code and host a website to have control over the customer experience and various integrations.

  • Website Design

WooCommerce has a collection of themes that are free of cost that makes the development process affordable. The e-commerce Website Design is very essential to make a great impression on the viewers and convert them into your potential customers.    

  • Content Integration

It is a popular content management system that has content-rich features in WordPress. These features and functions help in giving a better shopping experience to the visitors. 

4. Drupal 

It is an open-source platform that has significant features to customize the website. Drupal is a popular Content Management System which requires a powerful hosting setup to run successfully. Some essential elements of the Drupal Web development are:

  • Flexibility in development 

 It is one of the best choices for an open-source CMS and e-commerce platforms in the market. Drupal provides better quality, innovative functions, and flexibility which ensures great security and speed. It has an administration system that enables in executing changes and testing easily. 

  • Extensible Content Management

Drupal provides a structure into the e-commerce platform and integrates a rich e-commerce experience. It gives e-commerce Website developers the freedom to configure and manipulate the data to engage more audience through the content. 

5. BigCommerce 

This is a popular hosted e-commerce store that helps small retailers to build their platform in a cost-effective method. It has different plans that include hosting, marketing tools, website builder, and space for additional integrations. Benefits of using the BigCommerce platform are:

  • Price 

This platform is affordable with some basic plans with no hidden costs and transactional charges. This makes it more accessible to the merchants that have a limited budget. 

  • Built-in Features

It has advanced features to make the platform attractive and engaging for the visitors. Integrating new functions and features can make your e-commerce platform more accessible to the users and gain more conversion rates. 

  • Performance

It hosts the platform and takes responsibility for giving great security and performance for the e-commerce platforms. 

Wrapping it up!

With this essential data related to the e-commerce website development Australia, we have made your complicated task simple. You might need help from some experts in the website development field to take advantage of the e-commerce market. The right strategies can help in gaining potential customers and earn a profit in the market.


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