5 walking holidays to take once in a lifetime

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5 walking holidays to take once in a lifetime

Thinking of getting away from the hustle and bustle this year and setting out on a walking holiday? Why not take a look at 5 of the best to find the spark of inspiration that you’ve been waiting for?  Here are 5 walking holidays to take once in a lifetime

The Jatbula Trail – Australia

The Jatbula Trail - the waterfall Australia

Australia is the designation of choice for many avid explorers who want to explore stunning scenery in the sunniest of climates. The Jatbula Trail starts in Darwin on the north coast and spends 5-6 days winding its way to Edith Falls. You’ll trek everywhere from 17 Mile Falls and Sandy Camp Pool to Sweetwater Pool and Crystal Falls. This gives you plenty of time to take in the beautiful scenery and unique wildlife of this beautiful part of the country; something that the intrepid explorer within you will love from the first minute to the last!

Camino de Santiago – France and Spain

Hiking track in Santiago, Spain

For centuries, the Camino de Santiago has taken Christian pilgrims on journeys of affirmation and self-discovery. Taking in 100s of kilometres of stunning trails and passes, it offers something different at every turn. The most popular route amongst this 790 km long network is the Camino Francés or the French Way. The starting point is the picturesque St Jean Pied de Port which has to be seen to be believed. From there you’ll find your way to the town of Sarria in the Galicia region before completing your pilgrimage in Santiago.

Jersey – UK

Jersey - UK, the hiking path

Situated just 19 miles off the coast of Normandy, the island of Jersey is the most popular walking destination amongst the UK Channel Islands. The climate is warmer than in the UK which makes it ideal for spring and summer vacations. The various routes on the island can all be walked in a single day. And allow you to base yourself at a hotel, cottage, or hostel for the duration of your stay. With a mixture of breezy coastal paths and winding country lanes. You’ll be sure to find something to fit your mood no matter what takes your fancy. The fishing village of St Aubin and the beautiful Elizabeth Castle, are highlights that you must be sure not to miss.

The Urgha Route in the Outer Hebrides – Scotland

The Urgha Route in the Outer Hebrides - Scotland

The Outer Hebrides is one of the northernmost tips of the British Isles and offer their own unique climate and wildlife. With rolling hills and plains that seem to stretch for days. You’ll have the peace of mind and break from the hustle and bustle that you’ve been searching for. The islands of Lewis and Harris offer breathtaking views out over the water. While the traditional blackhouse Scottish settlements are something you simply cannot afford to miss. By hiking along the ancient road to Urgha you’ll be able to complete your holiday before taking an affordable private charter back to the mainland. With a number of private lodges along the route who have their own housekeepers, you’ll be able to put your feet up and sample some traditional cuisine after a long day on your feet.

The Basque Border Crossing – Spain and France

The Basque Border Crossing – Spain and France

By crossing the mountainous border between France and Spain, you can experience a unique combination of stunning scenery and two distinct cultures all in one vacation. The French village of Ascain offers an introduction to the rolling foothills of the Pyrenees. Whilst the Spanish fishing village of Getaria gives you a taste of life by the coast. For those looking to contrast the countryside with the architecture of one of Europe’s great cities, Bilbao makes the idea final destination on your trip. Perfect for exploring a whole array of different ways to live in a single week.


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