5 Ways That Travelling Can Benefit Your Mental Health

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5 Ways That Travelling Can Benefit Your Mental Health

Whether you’re struggling to cope with all of the stress from your studies or job; are suffering from social anxiety; taking off to explore a brand new destination can provide you with a beneficial and welcome change of perspective. In addition to fulfilling your yearnings of wanderlust (and providing you with lots of excellent photos to post on your Instagram feed). Travelling is definitely an excellent way to refresh your mind. The following are five mental health benefits provided by travelling. 5 ways that travelling can benefit your mental health.

1. Travelling provides you with a change in scenery

Quite often all you need to reignite your passion for life is a simple change in scenery. If you have struggled to feel motivated about your studies; are stuck in a rut at your job, or are just emerging from a difficult relationship; going travelling and hitting the pause button can be the ideal way to feel restored.

Sydney Life Coach Jeanine Sciacca emphasises the importance of change, “Remaining in one place and continuing to do the same things each day might be a comfort for some people, but for other individuals, it often can make you feel like you are trapped, both mentally and physically”. Switching your daily routine up, as well as your location by travelling somewhere new. Can help to stimulate your mind; give your happiness levels a boost, and make you feel like you are spending your time wisely.

2. Independence is promoted by travelling

If you have not spent a lot of time away; challenge yourself to go travel for a couple of weeks or months. It can definitely provide you with a feeling of independence. If budgeting isn’t something you are very good at, try to live on under $10 per day; while visiting South East Asia. Or perhaps you are not too confident being around people you don’t know. If so, staying at a hostel or going on a group tour; will demonstrate to you just how easy it can be to make friends.

All of those classic travelling experiences might appear to be overwhelming. However, you will realise how good they are for you once you’re home. And discover how basic daily situations are a lot easier for you to handle.

3. Travelling opens your mind up to new cultures and experiences

It can truly be eye-opening to meet locals from cultures that are completely different from yours. See amazing world monuments, and try out new cuisines. Not only can it help with putting your life into perspective and cause you to appreciate everything you have. It can also be incredible to enhance your levels of creativity and expand your mind.

Experience a completely different way of life also can help with making positive changes in your own life. You might even take some of the new cultures with you when you return home. Sally Austin from Austin Therapies knows the benefits of fresh perspectives, “Whether that is a fresh attitude or a new recipe, it will make it possible to stop taking things for granted and be more mindful instead.”

4. Travelling provides you with a feeling of accomplishment

It is frequently said that facing your fears head-on is the only way to really get over them. If just the thought of being in an unfamiliar place (particularly by yourself) makes you feel very anxious; then maybe the best solution is to embrace it instead of trying to avoid it. If you are able to deal with backpacking around various countries; that you are not familiar with and don’t speak the language. Intimidating tasks such as a big presentation or job interview will seem easy.

Having the ability to do certain things that appear to be scary or nerve-wracking; can also leave you feeling a huge sense of achievement and pride. Even when it is something small like; navigating from point A to point B successfully in a city you are not familiar with or flying by yourself. It will automatically help to enhance your self-esteem and build up your inner strength.

5. Travelling reduces your levels of stress

There can be so many different stressful situations in our daily lives. Ranging from having a hectic home life to a long commute or work deadlines. Taking a break from these things by visiting a totally new destination; is the perfect way to de-stress and clear your head.

When you are travelling; there is a tendency for you to be in charge of the things you do and when you do them. You can spend the entire day lounging by the pool or eat your breakfast at midday. Owner of a luxury couples retreat, Lovestone Cottages, Tamara Large knows the importance of unwinding, “No one is expecting anything from you, so you can go with the flow and totally relax.”

6. Travelling can boost your mood long-term

Travelling for pleasure tends to make a majority of people happy. In certain cases, it has helped some individuals overcome depression. There is a tendency to fondly look back on holidays from the past. Whether it was due to the fact that we enjoyed the company; ate a great meal, or experienced something truly unique.

Although most of us dread our trip coming to an end; going back home is always better than you think it will be (a big plus point being able to sleep in your own bed once again.). There are so many new memories for you to hang onto. Many will be documented in photos. This can instantly boost your mood by just looking or thinking about them.

Finally, when you have a good time travelling, it will usually cause you to want to plan additional trips involving more epic experiences for the future!

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