5 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Lose Weight

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5 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Lose Weight

Sticking to a strict diet and exercise plan is difficult for even the ones who have journeyed long on the road to fitness. Fortunately, the key to staying motivated is just like having fuel in your car. You don’t need a lot of it, but you don’t want your vehicle to run empty.

The problem with motivation is that it comes with its own natural rhythm, which means you should not waste precious energy and time pondering on its arrival. Sometimes, the moment you hit the gym and work out, you will feel amazing. With sticking to your diet, most people assume that a drop in motivation is the ultimate sign of a loss of motivation when it’s not.

Here are the top ways you can easily boost your motivation towards losing weight.

1. Think About Why You Want to Lose Weight

Remember your goal. Think about all the reasons why you want to lose weight and write them down. You will probably end up with a list. This list is what will help you stay motivated when you feel a bit off track. You want to read them daily and treat them as a reminder whenever you feel like having a cheat meal or skipping out on your workout routine.

Your reason for losing weight could be anything, even personal like keeping up with grandkids, or looking your best, or even getting your self-confidence back. Many people start off their journey because their doctor recommends it, often doing it for the sake it never works. You must find a reason to do it for yourself because you want to – not because the doctor said so.

2. Create Realistic Goals

You will come across tips and tricks, and tons of products that promise that they know the secret to instant weight loss. You might even think about the popular non-invasive fat reduction methods such as CoolSculpting! But hold it right there.

Ideally, you can lose around 1 pound or two in a week with simple lifestyle changes. The problem stems when you start with unattainable goals and fail to meet them. In this case, even if you are losing weight at a healthy and steady pace, you feel frustrated.

Educating yourself on what you should expect allows you to manage your routine and incorporate changes in your lifestyle successfully which are motivation factor in themselves. On top of this, when you lose weight at a healthy pace, you can keep it off in the longer run.

One research found that women who expect fast weight loss are likely to drop out of weight loss programs. Another fun fact to motivate you through this progress is that even around 5% to 10% weight loss has an enormous effect for the improvement of your health.

3. Fit the Weight Loss Routine Around Your Lifestyle

Most people do this the other way around which is why it never works. You can always customize a weight loss plan according to your needs. You can then make small changes step by step so that you can adapt to them easily. To accomplish this, stay away from diets which recommend foregoing certain foods. Instead, opt for lowering portions day by day of these food items.

You can also make your own plan, depending on what your needs are exactly. Some dietary habits that help you lose weight include decreasing calorie intake, cutting down your portion sizes, eliminating snacks from the house, and eating more fruits and vegetables.

4. Reward Yourself

It is difficult to lose weight. Everyone knows that. Therefore learn to celebrate and treat yourself occasionally so that you can get back to your regime and continue sticking to healthy habits. Often we are too hard on ourselves and we don’t realize it. It is important that we give ourselves some credit when accomplishing a goal.

It is important that you reward changes in behaviour and not just the number on the scale. For example, if you hit the gym all the days of the week that you planned, then that deserves a pat on the back.

It is equally important that you learn to reward yourself appropriately. Never do it with food, or buying things you do not need. Some cool ways to celebrate are getting a manicure, finally buying that workout top, or going to the movies.

5. Pair up with a Weight Loss Buddy

To stay motivated, you need positive feedback from another party and constant support. If it doesn’t come from you, this support system must be someone whose opinion you cherish. You can start by talking to all your friends and family and telling them about your weight loss journey so that they can help you through it any way they can, such as not eating out as often or picking a place that offers healthy options on the menu when you go out to eat.

Many people find real motivation with a weight loss buddy. This is the person who drags you the gym on days you don’t feel like it, keeps on constantly reminding you of your progress because they have witnessed it all, and you do the same for them. A weight loss buddy keeps the energy positive and you engrossed in the fitness journey by the thoughts and opinions they bring to the table.

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