5 Ways to Reduce Your Hot Water Consumption

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5 Ways to Reduce Your Hot Water Consumption

The amount of hot water we consume can have major financial consequences. Unfortunately, many people struggle to regulate their hot water usage, especially during the colder months.

Thankfully, lowering your hot water consumption is much easier than you might think if you’re willing to make a few changes at home. Here are five ways of reducing your hot water consumption and spending less on power every month:

1. Change Your Showering Habits

Taking steamy, hour-long showers every other day is going to drive up your power bill in no time. To regulate your hot-water consumption, you may want to opt for taking one or two hot showers a week rather than three or four.

If you don’t want to reduce the number of hot showers you take, you can focus on having shorter showers instead. Worried that you’ll lose track of time? Try setting a ten-minute alarm somewhere in the bathroom that’ll help you hold yourself accountable. You can also reduce your hot water consumption in the shower by using warm water more often or by installing a low-flow fixture on your showerhead.

2. Fix Leaks When You Spot Them

You may think there are no consequences to neglecting a leaky faucet or two, but wasting those tiny droplets can have a major impact on your power bill. Minor leaks that lose just one drip per second can add an extra $1 to your bill every month. If you don’t get that leak taken care of quickly, it may become more severe, costing you more money with each passing month.

3. Try to Use More Cold Water

It’s a common misconception that you shouldn’t use cold water for cleaning. The reality is, there’s no reason to be washing your clothes with hot water unless they’re covered in soil or other tough stains. You can also regulate your hot water consumption by using cold water when brushing your teeth, washing your face, or even when cooking where possible.

4. Don’t Run Appliances Unnecessarily

One of the most common ways to waste hot water is by using your washing machine or dishwasher too much. If you don’t have enough dirty dishes or dirty laundry for a full load, it’s much more cost-effective to wait until you do. It’s also beneficial to set both appliances to run on shorter cycles rather than needlessly long ones.

5. Use an Efficient Hot Water System

Different hot water systems will impact your power bill in different ways. A system that’s over a decade old, for example, is likely to run much less efficiently than a newer, updated model. If you decide that a new hot water system is worth the investment, reach out to a licenced, insured business that offers a lifetime workmanship guarantee for their installations.

If you’re willing to follow these five tips, you’ll have no problem reducing your hot water consumption. Of course, these tips are far more effective if everyone in your household gets involved!

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