5 Ways to Show Gratitude Every Day

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5 Ways to Show Gratitude Every Day

Expressing gratitude in all areas of life has been gaining traction for a while as a possible way of making us happy. Some people bought into this and others remained skeptical. There are now, academic studies, that suggest feelings of gratitude, help people achieve a positive sense of self and cope with daily problems and stress, more effectively.  The sense of gratitude also helps people connect to something larger than themselves as individuals — whether to other people, nature, or a higher power.

There has been recent evidence from brain-imaging studies that shows the brain’s “reward centre” lighting up when we’re feeling grateful. In times like now, feeling gratitude is important for our mental health and happiness. So, here are 5 ways to show gratitude every day.

1. Keep a gratitude journal

It might seem hard at first, but as you persevere you will write more. Keep it positive and express gratitude for the people who love you, for the home you have, the food you enjoy, for your pet that welcomes you and so on. Write quotes that touch you. This journaling will impact your outlook on life and will help you recognise all your blessings. Practising searching for gratitude in your everyday life will force you to see everything that brings you warmth and happy feelings.

How do you keep a gratitude journal?

2. Express appreciation to others

Dr Tal Ben Shahar Lectures on positive psychology around the globe. He believes we should regularly show people in our lives appreciation for what they do for us. Imagine the feeling of listening to someone expressing gratitude for your efforts and time. Visibly this can only have positive outcomes in any relationship and it does away with ‘taking anyone for granted’.

3. Practice self-appreciation

Write down on your journal at least one thing you love and appreciate about yourself. Could say that ‘you like that you are patient, a good listener, a good friend and so on’.

4. Show gratitude to mother nature

Practice going outside for a few minutes and appreciate the wind caressing your face, the warmth of the sun and its power to sustain life on earth.

5. Stay positive

It’s tempting to want to write about what you don’t have or what is not working. This is why keeping a gratitude journal helps you identify all the positive things in your life no matter how small.  It is a great way to shift your focus on all the good in your life.

Practising an attitude of gratitude can be difficult to start but the benefits are well worth it. Learning to keep a gratitude journal can be a way to practice self-care and increase your happiness.

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