5 Ways to Turn Your Kitchen into a Modern Haven

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5 Ways to Turn Your Kitchen into a Modern Haven

Forget about the bedroom-it is certain that real magic happens in the kitchen. From cooking delicious meals to entertaining your friends and family members, the kitchen area is definitely one of the most used rooms in any household. Even though minimalist and sleek-looking kitchens are all the rage right now. A lot of homeowners are still sceptical whether it is a good idea to renovate at all. In fact, turning your tired kitchen into a modern paradise may be one of the greatest investments for the future. If you are one of those people who still need a tad bit of convincing, then here are 5 ways to turn your kitchen into a modern haven.

1. Industrial modern

The industrial style is one of those trends that everyone seems to adore. Yet few dare to actually try it out. If you are new to this style, then try imagining a brick and concrete walls, or exposed surfaces. Most importantly, it celebrates the raw beauty with a slight hint of edginess. An excellent idea is to leave the kitchen floor absolutely bare, (it looks best if the floor is made out of cement), adding only a touch of glossy finish. The easiest way to add the flair of the industrial style to your new kitchen is to take inspiration from old factories. Try exposing the brick and overhead joists. Overhead joists, in particular, are quite popular. Due to the fact that they are staples of actual factories – (Think of unfinished ceilings that feature pipes and beams!). Plus, finding the right elements and accessories that ooze industrial should not be an issue. If shopping in DIY or construction shop where metal canisters and chairs are available.

2. Country chic

Another top favourite among homeowners. Is combining elements of the classic country style with a hint of sophistication to create the perfect rustic kitchen look. Not only does such a design scream warmth and personality, but it also celebrates nature and the beauty of simplicity. For example, take inspiration from barns and try adding different high-tech appliances whilst accentuating the contrast with the natural look of wood flooring and countertops. As a bonus tip, make use of all the free space available and pair the sink and the stove across one another. This way, it will be a ton easier to wash and chop whilst also cooking.

3. Open shelves instead of cabinets

Even though open shelving adds heaps of dimensions to any plain-looking kitchen area. Q lot of people fear exposing their clutter to prying eyes. The best way to make a new kitchen look modern and unique at the same time is by choosing the minimalist approach. Extra plates, mugs and other various elements that take up too much space should be put away far from eyesight. Instead, showcase only the decor items and elements you actually want to be seen. A clever idea is to add various other decors such as your favourite cookbook or a beautiful vase to bring out your own unique personality.

4. Classic metal accents

A contemporary kitchen has to have at least a couple of elements made out of stainless steel. Whether you are going for that spaceship look, or just want to play around with steel. It is quite easy to spice up a new kitchen by adding a few tweaks here and there. For example, try combining steel with aluminium chairs to add a bit of edge to the room. The easiest way to vamp up a modern kitchen is to incorporate regular household appliances which feature metal accents. For example, everyone likes to drink a hot cup of coffee in the morning, right? The quickest way to get your caffeine fix and upgrade your favourite area in the house is to consider investing in a deluxe bean coffee machine. Or, you can totally think out of the box and fully encase the kitchen in a steel look. Either combine the steel elements with chairs made out of aluminium or try adding a hint of contrast with wood surfaces.

5. Play around with colours

Nowadays magazines and blogs cannot get enough of the trendy all-white or all-black design. To spice things up and avoid monotony, try out an all-white kitchen but make sure to scatter around pops of colour. For example, a nice addition to the area which creates visual interest is a turquoise fridge or a bright yellow stove top. In addition, homeowners can always toy around with different textures and designs to achieve that look straight out of the fanciest magazine. For instance, white marble can look glamorous when paired correctly with gold accents. Or play it safe. Choose a variety of grey undertones, which will also result in a chic, yet modern appearance.

The bottom line is, all an uninspired homeowner needs is the firm will to experiment with different designs and colours to achieve the desired modern haven. So, remember to step out of your comfort zone and enjoy your new favourite area of your home!

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