5 Wedding Planning Tips for Couples Affected by COVID-19

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5 Wedding Planning Tips for Couples Affected by COVID-19

You’re planning a wedding but the current circumstances related to COVID-19 aren’t making your life any easier? We know exactly how you feel! However, there are no reasons to stop planning your big day. Here are five useful tips for all couples affected by COVID-19, so check them out and learn something new today! 5 wedding planning tips for couples affected by COVID -19.

1. Opt for a micro wedding, if possible

As the entire world is in the middle of a pandemic, throwing large-scale parties with dozens or hundreds of guests simply isn’t an option any longer. This is exactly why many couples choose to have a micro wedding instead. Micro weddings typically have no more than 20 guests, which is more than perfect for the current situation. Instead of inviting too many people, use your budget to splurge on your closest friends and family members. 

Even though this probably isn’t what you initially wanted, the fact is that a small wedding is very special and intimate. You’ll get a chance to spend quality time, have fun, and celebrate love with every single guest. If you ask us, this is the biggest advantage of micro weddings!

2. Maintain clear and constant communication with your guests

Planning a wedding these days can be extremely challenging – especially because the government measures are constantly changing. That makes it even more difficult to organise everything and plan out the ceremony to the tiniest detail. Well, this is exactly why you must maintain clear and constant communication with your guests. 

The best way to update your guests is via email or a group chat on Viber, Whatsapp, Facebook, or any other similar app. Apart from that, you can also create a private Instagram account dedicated to your wedding only. This is where you can keep your guests updated about all the potential changes. Just choose a mean of communication everyone can use easily and you won’t make a mistake!

3. Keep preparing for your big day one step at a time

Yes, we know that you’re probably tired of getting everything ready for the wedding and having to postpone it once again. However, it doesn’t mean that you should stop preparing for it altogether. On the contrary – you’re still allowed to keep making plans no matter what. To get inspired, create a Pinterest board and keep all the photos in one place. 

You can do it with your future husband or wife so that both of you are included in the process. Also, make sure to pre-purchase everything you can – a wedding gown in the first place. Just make an appointment in a local bridal boutique (if possible), and a wedding gown of your dreams. The same goes for the groom’s suit, limousine rental, and other similar stuff you can take care of in advance!

4. Livestream your wedding for guests who can’t be there

Having a micro wedding means that you obviously won’t be able to invite everyone you wanted to. However, it doesn’t mean that guests who couldn’t be there can’t be included in your wedding. That’s right, and it’s because of the technological developments that make our lives much easier nowadays. Livestreaming your wedding is a great way for all the people to be involved. 

This is particularly true for your elderly relatives and people who are already at risk because of pre-existing health conditions. They’ll get a chance to watch your wedding live on a video platform and even send a message for a digital guestbook. Does it get better than that? We don’t think so!

5. Make your guests feel as comfortable as possible

As mentioned above, we live in extremely challenging times these days. COVID-19 has been a part of our lives for over a year now, which significantly changed our routines. Even though weddings are super fun, entertaining, and even relaxing, it’s highly likely that not everyone will feel like that. Many people struggle when it comes to group gatherings. They feel unsafe and uncomfortable when surrounded by a lot of people, and you know what? That is completely fine. 

However, you must find a way to make your guests feel as comfortable as possible. Wedding party favours are always a great choice. A small bottle of hand sanitiser, a personalized face mask, a sweet snack, a mini bottle of champagne, and a welcome note will be more than enough to show your guests that you really care about them. Give this idea a try and you won’t regret it!

As you can see, there are still ways to plan your wedding successfully – even in the middle of a global pandemic. All you need to do is to stick to our tips and follow the guidelines. Once you do that, you’ll instantly feel much better about your big day!


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