5 WordPress Features For Your Website, You Aren’t Aware Of!

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5 WordPress Features For Your Website, You Aren’t Aware Of!

In anticipation of 2021, you may wonder what the future holds for WordPress users. In this blog, we have listed the latent outlook of the ascents of WordPress in 2021. These new features that you are still unaware of will let you stay ahead of the competition and stand out.

A beta version of WordPress 5.7 was released on March 9th, 2021. Among its features and improvements will be a few new updates and bug fixes.

From the inception of WordPress in 2003, it has witnessed countless progressions, security upgrades, and new additions comprising the ever-growing availability of free WordPress plugins and tools.

The previous version of WordPress 5.6 incorporates the Block Editor in it. Surely, it does enhance and created easiness for the editing activity for users who don’t like to install and use On-page or Block Editor Plugins.

Several functions have been introduced to WordPress Core, such as the latest Twenty-One default theme, auto-release changes, improved support for PHP 8.0, and API authentication Application Passwords. And there’s much more in WordPress 5.6.

In addition to following the progress closely, we have been surveying new features. Our focus in this article will be on accessibility enhancements, UI improvements, bug fixes, and other features for developers. We will show you the five must-to-know upgrades in WordPress 5.7.

Listed below are the 5 WordPress features for your website, you aren’t aware of!

1. Drag and Drop Blocks 

Drag-and-drop functionality in the block inserter is one of the most exciting enhancements of this version. WordPress 5.7, enables users to drag and drop blocks/patterns directly to the postal content region to generate pages faster.

You can drag and drop blocks from the inserter panel to the point anywhere you require them in your page editor. You had to apply it to the editor before you clicked on the block. This transforms to just where you want the blocks to be placed in your material.

2. Change Icon, Background Colors, and Sizes

Using the Social Icons block, WordPress 5.7 introduces new options for customizing the colors of your social icons. You can customize the icons’ colors and its backgrounds from the block setting menu.

When you install WordPress 5.7, you will have the option to increase or decrease the size of your social icons. To change the size, click the size option on the toolbar. It will offer you several choices for small, normal, large, and huge.

That is not all. You no longer need to wait to experiment with your social icon colors. Choose from a wide array of colors for your social icon background and icons in WordPress 5.7! This method will make your pages stand out even more.

3. Support for font size in the List Block

If you want a brief or concise product list, you can make it as big as you would like by configuring the font size directly in your block settings.

It’s now possible to customize the font size of your lists. If you’d like your list to appear larger and become the focus of your content, you can do that easily.

There are several font size options included in the interface. Extra Small, Large, Small, and Huge. Also, you don’t have to navigate to different screens to make adjustments to lists font size if you want to be more precise. A third plus: You don’t have to worry about going to another screen to make changes to its size.

4. Widths in percentage for buttons

Now you can set a button block’s width in percentages through the Block settings panel in Width Settings. It gives you an extra helping hand if you are using duplicate buttons for your CTAs.

Are you looking for a way to make your buttons stand out from other buttons? With the newly added width settings of the button blocks, you can achieve desired results for your button modification.

Pick out the percentage sizes required that can be available at the width setting and your button block will be easily transfigured into the size you need. This variety is beneficial if you are trying to distinguish between Call-to-Action buttons for your site.

5. Fixed and repeat backgrounds at max-height

In WordPress 5.7, the full-height image feature gets better: you can use full-width and full-height images together, giving your photos and content more enlightenment. The cover block is the best example of using the full-height image.

Want to change the image height on your cover page? In the cover block, you can quickly modify the height of the cover image with the intensifications added. After placing your cover image into the block, click the option Toggle full-height. Customize the image height to your choice.

In addition, you can also go to Block settings > Media settings if you need more options. If you favor a background adjustment, you can pick either Fixed or Repeat-background. These new settings will make particular changes following your design likings.

New Features for Block Developers

There are many additions to Block API Version 2, so developers will want to look through this.

  • Block Supports API
  • Create Blocks From Inner Blocks Template API
  • Toolbar Components
  • Disabling Core Block Patterns
  • Disabling Inline Image Editor
  • Reusable Blocks Moved to a Separate Package

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