5 Yoga Gear Essentials for Your First Class

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5 Yoga Gear Essentials for Your First Class

You signed up for your first yoga class but you don’t really know how to properly dress and what to bring. Don’t worry, because we’re here to help you out! Here are five yoga gear essentials for your first class you’ll need. So, check them out and get ready like a true pro!

A lightweight yoga mat

The first and one of the most essential things you should get is a yoga mat, as some yoga studios can’t provide clean and ready-to-use mats for everyone. This is particularly true when it comes to crowded studios, so make sure you bring your own mat. When picking an appropriate one, remember that too thin ones are often quite uncomfortable, as your knees may get banged up during particular asanas. Standard yoga mats are about 1/8 inch thick, whereas the thickest ones are 1/4 inch, and you definitely won’t make a mistake with either of these.

A yoga towel

Any type of towel will do the trick if you tend to sweat a lot, so you really don’t have to buy a new towel for your first yoga class. You should know that sweaty feet and palms are likely to make your mat a little slippery, which is why you should place a towel over the mat and stay safe during the session. Besides that, it’s an absolute must if you still don’t own a mat and want to rent one, especially if you have sensitive skin. Just throw a towel over it and enjoy your class!

Comfortable yoga clothes

5 Yoga Gear Essentials for Your First Class

Even though a lot of people are a bit confused when it comes to attire appropriate for yoga, the truth is that you should always follow ‘the comfier, the better’ rule. The clothes you’ll wear really have to be as comfortable as possible, in order to help you move with ease and do asanas without any problems. Any leggings and tank tops are welcome, but if you’re an inexperienced yoga enthusiast, you should definitely get quality compression tights for women These are designed to improve your performance and blood circulation, and reduce the risk of injury, which makes them more than desirable for beginners.

A water bottle

Of course, a water bottle is an absolute must when speaking of any kind of physical activity, and it’s true for yoga as well. Replenishing your body of lost fluids is essential both during and after your class, so don’t forget to bring a water bottle with you. If clean and filtered water is your cup of tea, get a reusable bottle and fill it up before the class. On the other hand, you can always get bottled water at the nearest store, which is probably the easiest way to stay hydrated.

A post-yoga snack

5 Yoga Gear Essentials for Your First Class

Bringing a post-yoga snack is also quite important, but it actually depends on the time of the day your class is going to take place. Needless to say, there’s nothing worse than finishing an intense yoga session and feeling really hungry suddenly, having nothing to munch on right away. So, bring any kind of nutritional snacks like a handful of almonds, a protein bar, or a healthy smoothie, and you won’t starve immediately after the class.


As you can see, getting ready for your first yoga class doesn’t have to be as tricky as you probably thought. Just make sure that you have comfortable clothes, a towel and a yoga mat, as well as a bottle of water and a healthy snack, and you’re ready to go!


Luke is a fitness and health blogger and a great fan of the gym and a healthy diet.

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