50 Crazy Facts About Hair You Need to Know Today

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50 Crazy Facts About Hair You Need To Know Today


Hair is a topic of much discussion among women and men alike. For some, the discussion revolves around what hairstyle to try next and others the conversation is on how to prevent further hair loss. Hair has been associated with beauty; sex appeal and desirability. It is no wonder why hair is so very important to both sexes. However, when it comes to hair there is so much more than meets the eye. Below there is an infographic by visually on 50 crazy facts about hair.

Ever wondered how many uses hair has apart from keeping heads warm? There are some facts that you know already and some that will surprise you.

Would you like to know who has the longest ear hair? Or what ancient Romans used to dye their hair blonde? Would you like to know which is the most common hair colour?  Would you like to know what each hair strand is made from? Hint it includes traces of gold!

If you want to know more check the infographic below. It has all you need to know about your hair.

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