6 Business Interview Dress Tips – What to Wear?

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6 Business Interview Dress Tips – What to Wear?

For better or worse, first impressions shape our perception of a person, so when you’re interviewing for an important position, sending the right message about yourself is crucial. Thankfully, showcasing your suitably can be as simple as knowing how to play up business formal clothing options.

Here are six powerful tips to help you dress for interview success.

1) Have a Solid Foundation

Think of your presentation as a painting, and you are the canvas. Just like you wouldn’t start painting on a damaged canvas and expect a masterpiece, no amount of makeup or fine clothes can help you if you’re fundamentally dishevelled. Before you even start putting together your outfit, YOU need to be in pristine condition. Get a good night’s sleep and make sure you are clean and groomed – then you can start adding layers.

2) Use Structure

A well-fitted vest, suit, blazer or dress is the perfect starting point for winning interview attire. This structured piece is what will hold the outfit together, adding definitive form, shape and line.

3) Add Colour

Black and white may be safe, but it’s also boring. Sure, use these shades as your base, but don’t shy away from adding a pop of colour with your accessories. Yellow heels, an aqua scarf or a red belt can do wonders to add life to your look.

4) Get a Feel for Texture

Texture is a fantastic way to add visual contrast to your look. If you wear a silk blouse, for instance, you could add a leather corset belt to up the wow factor. Or a faux-fur purse. While you wouldn’t want to wear jeans to most interviews, a pair of jean pumps looks sensational with black pants. Guys, think about wearing a suede vest under a tweed blazer with some khakis for a blast of varied and complementary textures.

5) Be YOU

One of the most important things you want to convey in an interview is what makes you special; what makes you stand apart from the competition.  Be sure to wear a signature piece that speaks to your individuality. Maybe it’s a piece of statement jewellery, or pair of killer velvet over the knee boots or green suede loafers. Maybe it is a pocket watch or bold belt buckle. Choose one piece that makes you feel confident about who you are.

6) Get Comfy

The best fashion is not only stylish, but functional. If you can’t stand suspenders or make it more than a few feet in stilettos with stumbling like a newborn fawn, then don’t wear them. We feel our best when we are comfortable, and when we feel good, we’re more confident and productive. If spend your interview praying for it to be over so you can get out of the leather pencil skirt you’ve shoehorned your way into, then you’re not going to be fully focused on the task at hand: getting the job.


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