6 Celebrities caught with sex tapes

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6 Celebrities caught with  sex tapes

Last weekend, I decided to join my friends at the movies and watch SEX TAPE. Yes, the comedy you’ve probably seen a dozen commercials for by now about a couple who tries to reinvigorate their sex life by making a sex tape on their iPad, only for it to end up being sent to all of their friends who they gave iPads to for Christmas presents.

The comedy revolves around this couple’s extraordinary efforts at trying to stop their sex  tape from going viral on the Internet. There are a lot of hilarious moments; still this movie has some interesting things to say about modern marriage, sexuality, technology and how to keep the flame burning. However, the most thoughtful relationship advice comes from the porn mogul played by Jack Black.

Sex tapes, is actually a topic worth exploring, especially when looking at which celebrities have made sex tapes of their own and how it all turned out for them.

Lucky, we live in the age of the Internet so it’s not difficult to find out about at least 6 celebrities caught with sex tapes:


Back before Keeping Up With the Kardashians had even started, Kim Kardashian was the personal stylist to Brandy, the BFF and stylist of Paris Hilton, and Lindsay Lohan’s personal shopper. She was also dating Brandy’s brother Ray J, and the two decided to make a sex tape that was later sold to and leaked by Vivid Entertainment in 2007. While the media tried to make the release of the tape out to be a huge scandal, it only ended up helping Kim’s career-it rocketed her and her family to fame and landed several reality shows. She’s now one of the richest celebs in Hollywood, married Kanye West, a recent Vogue covergirl, and the creator of the app: Kim K Hollywood.


We all know her story too well. Back in 2004, Paris Hilton made a sex tape with then-boyfriend, photographer Rick Salomon.  Her career, like Kim’s, pretty much skyrocketed after the release of the video. Her recent comment about her sex tape scandal is: “I don’t think I’ll be able to fully trust any man again” obviously leaving the socialite with a lifelong suspicion of men.


Pamela Anderson has not one, but two sex tapes circulating: One, perhaps the most infamous of all celebrity sex tapes was released in 1998 with her former husband Tommy Lee, and one was released in 2005 with Bret Michaels. Go girl!!


It’s kind of funny that Rob Lowe is actually starring in a movie called Sex Tape, when he coincidentally had a huge scandal with one of his own back in the ’80s. Strange irony. Nearly then destroying his career and spiraling a life of alcoholism somehow Rob Lowe turned it around and used it as a learning curve and has ever since experienced success in his private and public life.


Colin Farrell’s has probably the best response and attitude towards his sex tape. In 2006 the world found out that Colin Farrell had made a sex tape with his former girlfriend, Nicole Narain, and it leaked onto the Internet soon after. In a recent interview on the UK’s Graham Norton Show, when the subject came up, Farrell responded with this great line: “That’s the worst thing about making a sex tape — you can’t blame anyone for the dialogue.”


Fresh to the list is Justin Beiber’s sex tape apparently filmed in Australia with Australian girls last year.  There is footage of the pop star spanking two strippers on their bottoms and pulling their panties with his teeth. Considering his streak of bad boy behavior just wonder what this tape will do for his career? Let’s wait and see.

This is what Rob Lowe said back in 2011 about sex tape: ‘It’s almost quaint to think about now, because now people do sex tapes to HELP their careers,’ he said, joking about how stars now make them and then pretend to be ‘shocked! shocked!’


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