6 DIY Halloween Looks You Can Create

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 5 DIY Halloween Looks You Can Create

This year’s Halloween costume lies in your makeup bags. Make an impression without a lot of effort or spending too much money.

It’s great to make your own little accessories for Halloween; antlers complete your Halloween look. Check out last year’s Lauren Conrad’s post Hocus Pocus: My Halloween Party Animals Costume for some simple and easy ideas to make your own antlers.

For some Halloween looks you can create by yourself we found some on YouTube. Here are some beauty ideas for this All Hallows’ Eve.

With a bit of a steady hand and some make-up know-how you are set to impress.

Check out the six videos below for full-blown Halloween makeup tutorials, including unicorns, deer, Snapchat’s rainbow face, and dolls!

1. Deer

Just add a pair of antlers and any gray or brown outfit with this beauty look.

2. Unicorn

Who doesn’t like a mythical unicorn? Want to be one this Halloween? Then this is the Halloween makeup tutorial is for you. After following this tutorial, wear white, add a colorful wig, and make a horn out of paper — you’re good to go!

3. Creepy Scarecrow

A definite head turner, with this creepy Halloween look. Any old brown or straw hat will complete this look.

4. Snapchat

This one should be an instant hit with everybody. Who doesn’t like  Snapchat’s “Lenses or Filters”? Including the vomiting rainbow, the and crying eyes, or any other you like to try your hand out at replicating. This Halloween you can pick your favourite and be a total hit!

5. Pop Art

This is all about outlining your face with black and finally add small dots, and you’re a Lichtenstein. Dye or wear a wig Lady Gaga-yellow circa the ‘Telephone’ years and you’ve got this look in the bag.

6. Suicide Squad Duo

With the popularity of Suicide Squad released earlier this year, it’s safe to say that you’ll see more than a couple of Harley Quinn look alikes come Halloween. You might want to try out this Halloween so here’s a simple video on it.

For The Suicide Squad Joker watch this video below:

Have fun getting ready and Happy Halloween, everyone!


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