6 Effective Useful Ways To Reuse Pallet Removal

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6 Effective Useful Ways To Reuse Pallet Removal

If you own a grocery store or you are some packaged goods retailer, you must be conversant with the sight of the abandoned pallets. The orphaned pallets add to the stack against the back walls of your store. Once you realize that there is no floor space left to accommodate the wooden structures, you end up paying a considerable amount to the recycling company or pallet logistics. A well-planned pallet removal system is necessary to prevent unnecessary piling of the pallets.

Common challenges because of accumulation of pallets

The continuous accumulation of the empty pallets can cause several problems like

  • Occupying unnecessary floor space
  • Demand for double handling
  • Attract the pests and insects over the time
  • Impede video surveillance.

Wasting valuable time and space for handling and storing these pallets after use is not meaningful. You can either put up the sign for “free pallets,” which is an interesting way to eliminate the packaging materials without any effort and give the scope to someone else to enjoy the benefits. Or you have the choice to gather knowledge about the feasible procedures to remove the pallet.

Reusing the pallets

If your company has to send small loads in a few routes only in a selective small region, reclaiming the pallets and reusing them is the best option. You can ask the metalworking or machine shop that delivers the definite quantity of loads with their company’s transportation to bring back the pallets after dropping the structures off.

But if the number of pallets increases during each trip, pellet management will get more complicated. Effective pallet removal by reusing the packaging material is possible only when you can arrange for the basic requirements.

1. Sorting of pallets

The pallets usually suffer from damages during transit. also, on reusing the pallets a couple of times, there will be inevitable wear and tear. Hence, you must begin with discarding the ones that are damaged. Als3o you have to arrange for an inspection to check whether the structures are fit for reuse. Sorting the pallets can be a time-consuming affair. Significant staffing and ample space are necessary for sorting.

2. Storage area

If you plan to manage your pallets and arrange for the pallet removal independently, then ample storage space within the facility is essential. You have to make separate spaces for storing the ones in good condition to make them available once you have a shipment in the queue.

3. Repairing pallets

Before disposing of the materials due to damages, you should also check whether the damages are irreparable. If repair is possible, you should assign the staff with training in carpentry to fix the pallets and reuse them. Otherwise, the offer for free collection will get rid of the boxes faster.

4. Dedicated transportation

When the number of pallets in the supply chain starts increasing, you will need dedicated transportation for retrieving them. The same transport can help in the permanent pallet removal too.

5. Offer on rental

If you have purchased premium quality wooden pallets, you can plan to offer these pallets on rental instead of taking the headache of a complex pallet management system. In such rental programs, the shipper will rent the pallets on a one-way basis for shipping products to the customers. The emptied pallets will accumulate at the customer’s location and get back to you once the rental period is over.

6. Reusing

It is not necessary to recycle the pallets for reuse. There are plenty of ways in which you can reuse wooden pallets. Instead of pallet removal, you can utilize the pallets as shoe racks or wine racks. The structures will be aesthetically pleasing and equally functional due to solid wood as a constituent. The above ideas can help you to manage the elimination of the pallets in plenty of ways.

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