6 Essential Kitchen Renovation Tips

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6 Essential Kitchen Renovation Tips

When renovating a kitchen, it’s all about finding that perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. The kitchen is one of the most well-used spaces in the home. If designed correctly can become one of the main living spaces and not just a place to store and prepare food. For example, a great layout tip is to arrange your stove, refrigerator and sink a more or less equilateral triangle as these are the areas you’ll be visiting repeatedly. If you are planning a kitchen renovation in your home, you need to make sure you’ve covered all the bases. Here are 6 essential tips to get you thinking.

1. Lighting

Lighting is key when renovating a kitchen as you want it to be light and airy without appearing too stark or bright. Many people opt for recessed lighting but consider using surface-mount light fixtures which will attach to the ceiling and provide more light. In addition, you may
want to install under-cabinet lighting and/or bigger light fixtures hanging over islands.

6 Essential Kitchen Renovation Tips-Kitchen bench

2. Stove

The stove is like the heart of the kitchen in many ways, as it’s the most used and most visible appliance in the room. Think about usability and functionality to make sure you get a stove which suits your cooking habits and make sure the stove makes a visual impact when you walk in the room. Stoves and hoods are available in a huge number of options. Remember to think about whether you want to have benchtop space on either side of the stove for preparation.

3. Benchtops

Your benchtops are not only functional, but they also take up a huge amount of surface area and should suit both the colours and theme of your renovation. The most popular types of benchtop are marble, timber, laminate, stainless steel, granite, engineered stone, and concrete. When choosing your benchtops, don’t forget you’ll need to find the perfect kitchen splashback to sit between your cabinets and benchtops.



6 Essential Kitchen Renovation Tips-Benchtops

4. Cabinets

The cabinets you choose will need to suit the aesthetic theme of the kitchen, but you also need to think about how you will use them for storage on a day-to-day basis. Many people, for example, are choosing to lose upper cabinet doors altogether and just have open shelves so ingredients and crockery are on display. Lower cabinets can be hard to use in terms of stacking pots and pans as a lot becomes inaccessible, whereas using a deep drawer which can be accessed from the top can be much easier.

5. Flooring

Your kitchen floor should be durable to withstand all the footfall it’s going to be subjected to, but comfort and easy maintenance are also essential considerations. A stone floor or porcelain tiles are arguably the most durable options, but wood may offer more comfort. If you do opt for tiles, think about underfloor heating to give that extra level of luxury.

6 Essential Kitchen Renovation Tips-Flooring

6. Sinks

Your sink is one of the most well-used elements in the kitchen so make sure you give proper consideration to the kind of sink you need. A popular choice nowadays is the white farmhouse sink which is deep and wide or you may want to opt for a stainless steel version, but either way, the taps or faucets you select are crucial. For the ultimate in convenience, you should consider installing a mixer tap so you can switch between hot and cold water with one movement. Spray nozzles which pull out can be a great help when washing dishes as well.

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