6 Factors Destroying Your Libido and How to Fix them.

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6 Factors Destroying Your Libido and How to Fix them.

Did you know your sexual desire isn’t necessarily just a reflection of whether or not you are attracted to someone? Our sexual desire is complex and there are things most people do everyday that lower their libido and stop them from having the hot sex life they desire for themselves and their partners.

What are these factors then that destroy our libido? They include people you know and technology you use everyday. Even if these people aren’t lying in your bed, some people still have a way of affecting your bedroom life and leaving you and your partner unfulfilled in the sack.

Find out what these 6 factors are and the quick fixes to put the va-va-voom back in your bedroom:

1. Your Boss

Nothing kills desire faster than feeling inadequate. Stressful work environments tend to do just that. The stress can spur headaches and fatigue, throw off your hormone levels, and raise your blood pressure – unfavourable conditions for any intimacy. Stress, high blood pressure and unbalanced hormonal levels; are big contributors to erectile dysfunction.

Answer: If you can’t change jobs, focus on getting 7 hours sleep a night, eating plenty of antioxidants, and exercising regularly.

2. Porn

Your sex life isn’t a porn flick, and you’re not a porn star. If you’re convinced that’s how you are supposed to perform, both you and your partner are going to get disappointed. You’ll feel inadequate when you are comparing yourself against porn stars and she’ll be angry because she wants the sex to be special.

Answer: Stop comparing. If you can’t help it cut back on your porn. Porn stars are similar to a vibrator; however, you are the real deal to her.

3. Partner’s Ex

Unless you are all happy to have a threesome, don’t bring Ex’s up. Stop worrying about whether your partner thinks their ex was better; it’s a total waste of time. Focus on you and your current relationship.

Answer: Think about it, there’s a reason your partner broke up with the ex and went with you.

4. Your Personal Trainer

Your personal trainer is going to make you feel like you are a million dollars. If your trainer is cute, it’s easy to keep thinking about them when you should be focusing on the person lying next to you. Don’t schedule too many sessions, as you might feel sore to please your partner.

Answer: Go to the gym with a friend or ideally with your partner. They’ll love to see you sweat.

5. Facebook

Every generation has it’s own kind of problem; Facebook is today’s relationship problem. Facebook is addictive and intrusive, before you notice time has lapse and your partner has gone to sleep. Spending too many hours on Facebook does have a negative impact on your sex life.

Answer: Leave your computer outside your bedroom. Pay more attention to your partner right next to you. There should be no other distractions in the bedroom. The focus should be on each other.

6. Kids

Kids have a way to interrupt and invade your space. They will, if you let them, take over your whole life.

Answer: Put kids to sleep early and forget about the other chores that can be taken care the next day. Most important establish that your bedroom is yours and off boundaries to your kids especially at night time. Ideally, plan date nights and weekends away on your own to reignite your sex life.


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