6 hacks to make wearing high heels pain free

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6 hacks to make wearing high heels pain free

Women have a love and hate relationship with their stilettos and for good reason. A pair of stilettos can make your outfit and many women will endure the pain for beauty. A pair of great heels is sexy, you know it. High heels help you to stand up taller, look slimmer, and feel more confident

Do you love to wear your stilettos but want it to be less painful? It can.

There’s a lot you can do to keep your heels as comfortable as possible and minimise pain. Here are 10 Hacks fro make heels more comfortable and pain-free.

1. Get the right size

10 hacks to make wearing high heels pain free

As simple as it sounds knowing a couple simple tips on how a shoe should fit might help your next shoe purchase. When shoe shopping, buy at the end of the day when your feet are already swollen. Look at the width of your feet as you do not want to cramp your wide feet into narrow shoes. This will help you avoid bone change and damage that can lead to bunions, neuromas and hammertoes.

2. Take some breaks

Long periods of standing can cause veins to fill up with blood. So take sitting breaks as often as you can. Do ankle rotations while sitting to keep circulation going and relieve stress.

3. Alternate your shoes

10 hacks to make wearing high heels pain free

We all have our favourite stilettos, but for the sake of your legs and feet alternate your shoes through the week. Wear shoes of different heel heights and inclines and even through the day.  Wear your flats on your way to work and put your stilettos once at work.

4. Don’t break your new shoes in by wearing them

This has to be the worse. Trying to break in your shoes by wearing them out is a terrible and painful decision. Just DON’t do it. You’ll have blisters and sore feet for days.  When you buy new shoes, they should feel snug but never tight when you put them on.  Video below gives you some suggestions on how to wear your new shoes in and other great tips:

5. Learn how to walking stilettos

10 hacks to make wearing high heels pain free

How you walk in heels differs from how you walk in sneakers. Walking with the correct posture will minimise the impact on joints and muscles and pain.  Watch the video below on how to walk in heels:

6. Rest your feet

10 hacks to make wearing high heels pain free

Put your feet up and elevate them when you get home. If they are especially sore give them a foot bath and a nice foot rub will be helpful too. Doing this will ensure that by morning most of the swelling and pain is gone.

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