6 High Tech Hotels In The World

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6 High Tech Hotels In The World

There was a time in not too distant past when staying in a hotel meant being impressed by great views and simple luxuries like a coffee machine, and in room movie selection. As people furnish their homes with tech wizardry, hotels try to impress guests who are accustomed to tech.

A great view is a plus but if you love your tech here are 5 high tech hotels in the world to put on your radar. These hotels have the latest wizardry and will keep you happy during your travels. These futuristic hotels offer check in kiosks, holographs, robots that run reception and tend bar, PayTouch systems and infrared sensors that control almost everything. From Alma Bracelona to Yotel NYC, these are the hotels that are leading in digital innovation.

Eccleston Square Hotel, London

Eccleston Square Hotel London

image source: agoda.com

This beautiful 19th century Grade II listed Georgian faćade, emanates history. It has a huge surprise stored inside for you tech savvy lover. This is one cutting-edge luxury boutique hotel. If you are suffering from jetlag you can enjoy a massage in bed, thanks to its build-in system. Watch a sitcom with the anti-mist mirror’s integrated LED television. Rooms are equipped with touch sensitive keypads to control music and lighting, an in-room iPad which doubles as your personal concierge, shower walls that turn from clear to frosted at the touch of a button and flat screen televisions concealed within bathroom mirrors. So that’s pretty great.

Hotel 1000, Seattle, Washington

Hotel 1000,Seattle, Washington

image source: hotel1000seattle 

The rooms have heat-detecting sensors, so staff know when you’re in or out of the room. No more stressing about that dreaded knock at the door with ‘room service’! Still not impressed? Phone calls are all free to anywhere in the world, and of course enjoy the free lighting-fast fiber optic Internet.

Pengheng Space Capsules Hotel in Shenzhen, China

Hotel Pengheng Space Capsules

image source: bookings.com

Featuring spaceship-like decoration throughout, this hotel has done away with all humans except for the guy at the front desk. The hotel is stuffed almost entirely with robots – enter the future. The rooms are space-themed with capsule beds; blue LEDs and shiny metals and free Wi-Fi.

Alma Barcelona

Hotel Alma Barcelona

image source:diariodesign

Alma is a luxury boutique hotel in Barcelona. It has upscale rooms with flat_TVs and free Wi-Fi, and high-tech design elements, like fingerprint swiping in place of room keys and a minimalist light-filled atrium.

Yotel, New York City

Yotel NewYork

image source: hotels.com

With automated check-in and check-out, silent in-cabin air conditioning units, convertible beds and extra storage space. Yotel is home to ‘Yobot’, a friendly 15 foot luggage storing robot. Guest can control Yobot through a touch screen. This is technology at its best. Yotel offers SmartBed, which coverts at the touch of a button from a flatbed to a sofa to create space. It also has mobile app that allows guests to digitally interact with the hotel before, during and after their stay. Once signed in into the Yotel app, guests can view reservation details, check in and out, request a late checkout and view charges. Guest can also chat to other members to arrange meetings, drinks, etc. Since its inception, the Yotel brand has been a forward-thinking, technology-driven company.

The Henn’na Hotel In Japan

If you’re game for a bit of unconventional hospitality, check Henn’na Hotel, which means strange Hotel in English. Robotic dinosaurs and humanoid lobby staff help guests check in to a hotel run by androids, at the Huis Ten Bosch theme park in Sasebo, Nagasaki. The 72-room hotel, is staffed by 10 robots and 10 humans.

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