6 Natural Ways To Purify Water At Home

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6 Natural Ways To Purify Water At Home

Water is a must-have element in our everyday life. We need clean water for various purposes in everyday life including drinking. No life can survive without water. Clean water is crucial for drinking and cooking purposes in particular. It has a lot to do with human hygiene and health. Let’s discuss 6 natural ways to purify water at home.

1. Under The Sun

While the Sun is the source of energy to the earth, sunlight is a sound natural source of germ cleaning as well. Put the glass into a container and keep it under the sun for at least 6 hours. The solar radiation and heat destroy harm causing pathogens in the water. You can use PET bottles as water containers. Try to avoid PVC.

2. Cactus Gut

The gooey core named mucilage inside the cactus is known to remove sediment from water. It is an age-old remedy. Further research done on it says that gooey is used to remove arsenic & bacteria. Boil the mucilage in contaminated water. It creates a floating film that you can skim easily. Follow the process to get safe, drinkable water. Drinking filtered water keeps your gut healthy.

3. Boil it

Boiling is a reliable common way of purifying water. It’s so effective for removing almost all contaminants other than dirt. This simple, natural technique has been used in most households. Heating water to the boiling point takes a substantial amount of energy. Some amount of water is evaporated. Adding a pinch of salt is also fine. This process filters out the water of unhealthy particles you don’t see with naked eyes. This is a smart choice if you don’t have any other options available. Drinking filtered water is important anyways.

4. Ceramic

Ceramic pots allow water to flow through them. Ceramic pots are medium to remove water impurities in villages. The process is simple. Make the water pass through the pores made of ceramic. Water coming out on the other side will be microorganism-free. However, it’s a less effective method against pesticides & organic pollutants. But does a decent job.

5. Bleach

It is not very conventional, but bleach does the job. Bleach is used for emergency water purification. But you must be conscious as bleach is a chemical. Follow the instruction when using it. Use soap-free, unscented, chlorinated bleach for water purification. It is better to use sterile medicine drops in a limited, needed amount with liquid bleach to the contaminated water. Use 4-6 percent chlorine and 7-8 drops of bleach to every gallon of water. Mix these 2. Let the chlorinated water sit for half an hour prior to drinking. You might get a slight smell of chlorine from the purified water.

6. Stabilized Oxygen

Another quick way to purify water is to add drops of stabilized oxygen in it. This is a natural antibiotic. You have to follow the labelled instruction when you bring that from the market. Stabilized oxygen provides clean water that is drinkable. People can consume that immediately. It is a good idea if you keep a few bottles in your collection. This can help you much during an outdoor visit and during natural disasters.

So, these are some methods you can follow to have drinking filtered water. We tried to provide some useful ways to have so. If this piece of article enriches your understanding of the above topic, our purpose of writing would be fulfilled. Keep visiting our site for more updates.

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