6 Phenomenal Ways to Encourage Freshers in Their Student Housing

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6 Phenomenal Ways to Encourage Freshers in Their Student Housing

Imagine being in a place where no one knows you, and vice-versa. Now, you have to spend the next 3-4 years of your life in this very crowded but somehow, lonely place. And oh! Did we mention how crucial these coming years would be! Your whole life depends on these 3-4 years.

Sounds like a lot of pressure? Well, this is what life is like when you step into the shoes of a fresher. Over the next few years, a student makes life-long friends, ever-lasting memories, a bright career, and above all, a choice. They not only choose their courses and colleges but also where they’ll spend those 4 years. If you happen to have a student accommodation rental, you would probably understand this stressful transition having witnessed it for so long.  You could make it easier for them in their very first year, by making these 6 motivating changes to your student accommodation. 6 phenomenal ways to encourage freshers in their student housing.


1)      A recreation area

If you really want to do the kids a favour, make sure you give them a spot where they can unwind after their long lectures. You could start by putting a Foosball table, get a bunch of indoor games, and better yet, organize games and competitions for the inmates. You could also install a television in the recreation hall. Just ensure that there is a “happy place” in the property for all the students to go to. This could help them open up and make friends.

2)       A library

Now this one may seem futile, considering most universities have an enormous library to boast of. However, yours would not be an academic or a study material-based library. You could load your shelves with Harry Potter, Shakespeare, Tolstoy, and handpick the best of authors for your tenants. This could be a nice break from the digital books, and who doesn’t find the smell of old yellow pages alluring! Moreover, you could start your own book club and have weekly meetings too. A nice way to acquaint yourself with the new members of the house too, don’t you think?

3)      Interior of the rooms

The paint, the walls – everything has its own role when it comes to defining the aesthetic of a room, and the aesthetics have the potential to inspire or discourage a human mind! So, dark and gloomy walls with old rusted furniture are out!

Modernistic furniture could provide your rooms with the appeal they need and some of them (foldable beds, shelves, etc) could also save you foot area, making the property more spacious. Also, acquaint yourself with pop culture references and impress the freshers with cool posters and graffiti, ornamenting the bright walls of your rooms.

4)      Internet

In a world that’s always online, do ask yourself: Why are you not? Radiate an upbeat persona with your social media accounts. You should encourage your tenants to suggest content for your page and involve them on your internet spree with exciting quizzes and competitions. Did you know that most students these days search for rentals online on websites? To know more, visit the website!

5)     City tour

How do you make someone comfortable in a new place? Introduce them to the new place! You could host a group sight-seeing tour for all the new members. This is an excellent way to start a conversation, and you could also be helping them make a friend as they explore the city.

6)      Offer to help

It would be a lot easier for them if in a city full of strangers they could call someone a friend, and you should be that person! Considering they are now going to be living in your space, and under your supervision, a great deal of responsibility falls on you to make things go smooth for them as well as yourself.

So, even after you have given them an induction tour around the property, do not discourage them if they further forget, ask again, and worst, make mistakes. Any help that you could offer with cooking, cleaning or other daily chores would encourage them to warm up to you.

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