6 signs you are good in bed

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6 signs you are good in bed

We all secretly hope to be good in the sack, but what exactly makes anyone good in bed? Whether you’re in a long relationship or newly dating, being good in bed is something most people consider vital to a happy relationship. So what are the telling signs you are great in the sack? Below are 6 signs you are good in bed.

1. You feel connected to your partner

Research by sexologists seeking to answer the question, “What makes good sex?” has shown that the answer lies not in any particular technique but in two people feeling a sense of connection together. Good sex is not just a physical experience it is rather more than that, it’s a shared and meaningful experience between two people. Then the very first step to be good in bed is to understand the importance of connecting with your partner beyond the physical level. Couples who study tantric sex, karezza and other systems of mind-body-spirit sexual connection devote themselves to connecting beyond the physical. Many people are turning to trying it out and seeing the benefits in their relationship blossom.

2. Confidence

Another quality that makes you a great lover includes self-confidence, having a positive body image, and feeling sexy. If you feel greater about your sexy self it allows you to relax and get lost in the sexual experience and be swept away in the pleasure. A great lover then is one who isn’t self conscious and detached from the experience.

3. Open minded

A good lover is blessed with creativity, imagination and an ability to keep an open mind to try new things in the bedroom. Being a good lover is not about endowment only but about using your brain creatively and imaginatively. Through the years of your sexual life, your body will change, your partners may change, and your sexual response and health will change too. However if you remain open to change in your sexual expression you’ll be guaranteed to be a creative, dynamic lover.

4. Good Communication

Without good communication you can’t possibly be a great lover. Sex is a shared experience, so paying attention to and listening to your partners needs, desires is more important than anything other thing that you do between the sheets.

5. Be open to having sex

Say yes more than no to sex if you are in a committed relationship. Being eager more often than refusing is a good quality of being great sexually and ensuring the longevity of your sexual relationship.

6. Sex is adult playtime

Sex is our adult playtime to feel good with each other and enjoy every bit of one another. It doesn’t have to be serious or all about procreation. Playfulness and laughter are definitely qualities of a good lover.

So, are the above tips on the money? Or are have you got some better ideas on being a boss in the bedroom? Let us know below!


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