6 Signs Your Kid Needs An Eye Test

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6 Signs Your Kid Needs An Eye Test

Kids these days from a very young age are exposed to blue lights. From mobile phones to the radiations emitted from television and computers. Neglecting your child’s eyesight problems can lead to future problems. It affects their performance inside and outside the classroom. Kids who have poor eyesight are most likely to have poor focus and concentration. There are 6 signs your kid needs an eye test you need to look out for.

Generally, a kids eye test is done to help improve vision or detect any other eye problems. An eye test is also needed if a kid has amblyopia, a lazy eye, crossed or misaligned eyes. You can also refer to an eye test if the kid has a poor vision in only one eye. So, before it is too late, here are the six signs parents and teachers should look out for to know if your kid needs an eye test. Do not ignore these 6 signs your kid needs an eye test.


6 Proven Signs That Show A Kids Eye Test Is Essential- Kids Eye Test

1. Squinting

When you notice your kid squinting, it is likely that he may have a blurry vision. By squinting the kid seemingly adjusts the clarity of the image. However, this may cause further problems in the long run.

2. Tilting head or covering one’s eye

Often you will find a toddler covering one eye or tilting their head to see objects. This is an indication that they might have an amblyopic or a lazy eye. This is one of the most common disorders in children. Some test should be carried out to improve this condition since it can cause major problems in the future.

3. Viewing objects from a close distance

A kid holding a book or mobile phone or watching television then there are chances that he/she is suffering from a poor vision. This usually happens if the parents do not monitor the hours the child spends on television or mobile phone.

4. Increase in bad posture

There is a link between bad posture and eyesight. The eye is connected to the brain and the brain to the spine. Often times, hunched posture affects the spine, which in turn affects the brain and eyesight. It is seen that kids with poor vision suffer from bad posture which might result in shoulder, back and head pain. This is caused due to eye strain and holding or viewing objects from a close distance.

5. Rubbing eyes excessively

Poor eyesight and blurred vision often suffer from irritability in the eyes. Rubbing of eyes is a sign they are suffering from eye fatigue or strain. Rubbing of eyes could also be a sign of allergic conjunctivitis.

6. Loss of focus in classroom or school

Poor vision can cause kids to lose their focus in school.  Children take in information from blackboards, classrooms, textbooks, etc. Poor vision will prevent the kid from doing so which leads to loss of concentration. This might result in poor performance.

In case the above conditions are observed, then a kids eye test is needed immediately. To prevent complications, it is best not to delay it. If complications persist, they should be communicated to the optician. Parents should monitor the number of hours kids spend with electronic devices. They should make sure their kids maintain a good posture to prevent eye strain. A healthy diet should be implemented which will help in contributing to the improvement of eyesight. Parents are supposed to make sure that their child is studying in a well-lit room. Overall, there should be a sense of awareness regarding their eyesight.


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