6 Stages Of A Breakup

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6 Stages Of A Breakup

Breakups are never easy. They are probably one of the most human traumatic experiences; it’s up there with death, divorce and taxes. If you have been through a breakup you already know that there are several grieving stages to the road of recovery. You have to go through all the stages to come out a stronger person, ready for another relationship and maybe another breakup. These stages are totally normal, but what is not normal is to stay stuck in this lonely and confused state. More or less this is what every breakup looks like: Here are some stages that most of us go through after a breakup:

Stage #1 Shock

This state of disbelief will cause feelings of confusion, of sorrow and pain. Confusion because you still thinking ‘What just happened?’ Throughout this stage, there will be crying, screaming and sleepless nights. A very lonely time where you’re only solace is ice cream, cookies, and you’re listening to too many sad songs. You’ll find that you have no energy to get out of the house and you’ll lounge on the couch, on your bed and there will be lots of take away food scattered all over your place. You’re a mess and so is your house. A good friend will come in and help up you out of this miserable state by making you look at the state of your house and yourself. Yes, you’re probably need to get a grip and have a shower – you’re starting to smell.

Stage #2 Loss Of Self-Esteem

This is the stage where you’re hoping you’ll get together. You’ll try to call, email or even Facebook stalk in an effort to put an end to the heartbreak, the pain and get back to what feels ‘normal’. You will lose your self-control and make one or all of these mistakes. Good thing is that none will work, which is the best for you anyway. At which stage you need to delete your ex’s phone number, unlike them on Facebook and delete their email address – this is when you move out of this stage.

Stage #3 Anger & Rage

It sounds like you need a psychiatrist yet it’s a positive sign that you are making progress through the grieving stages of breakup. Your mind affords some clarity and you’re angry with some of your behaviour in the past few days or weeks, not to worry they are only normal. Also your heart goes from sad to raging mad. At this stage you find yourself burning pictures of your ex, slandering them to your friends. You are placing the blame in the right place – your ex. All therapeutic, so let it all go and vent it all out.

Stage #4 Rebound

Now don’t judge here and not all of us take this step but for those who have and will, we’re only human. At this stage you fill like your lonely heart needs consoling, you need to fill that empty hole in your heart. So you go out on the rebound. Like any healthy, sexually active person you’ll be out looking for someone who will give you comfort even for only a few hours or one night. So you might wake up in the morning and think ‘what was I thinking’ – we all have our ways to learn. Sometimes it’s enough to go out in town and have some fun with your friends. This is the stage where you are regaining control of your life, desires and your single-hood. A step in the right direction!

Stage #5 Relapse

It’s not a stage you’ll look back at and feel proud of; it’s actually quite embarrassing. You discover that you’re not exactly thrilled at the news that your ex has moved on and is possibly in a new relationship. Old feeling resurface and you are going to feel jealous and annoyed. Worse you might rejoice at their less than fortunate incidents, it’s just plain and simple immature. Depending on the person it might be taken a bit too far. So move out of this stage quickly!

Stage #6 Acceptance

This is when you’ve exhausted all your emotions, good and bad, and your logical self takes over. You get that sense of exhalation. You come to understand the past and optimistic about what the future holds. You are starting to feel like yourself again, ready to move on and find happiness somewhere else.

Watch Lilly Singh hilariously go through the different stages of breakup:

Want some quick and useful tips to get over a breakup?

Move as far away from your ex as possible.

Do some waitressing to avoid spending the night crying, plus you saving up for the makeover.

Delete your ex from your Facebook, and all their texts. Want more useful tips on getting over a breakup, read –  The best way to recover from a breakup

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