6 Stylish Dog Jackets Your Pup Can Rock This 2020

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6 Stylish Dog Jackets Your Pup Can Rock This 2020

With the changing trends, even our canine friends deserve a stylish makeover. Coats and jackets are two options you can start with, with the turn of 2020, but more than the trend, it’s the health of the dogs that matter the most. Many dogs tend to spend a lot of time outdoors, as a result of which, they need added layers to protect them from cold weather or extensive heat.

During such situations, you would want your canine friends to dress in elegant dog jackets. Before understanding what all types of coats you require to level up the style-quotient amongst pets, let’s shed some light on why they need jackets in the first place?

Why do dogs need jackets?


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A lot of breeds do not have thick natural skin and fur that saves them from freezing temperatures. Short-haired and senior dogs face a lot of challenges in generating heat throughout their body in a cold environment. Without hair, they fail to produce heat naturally. Whereas in senior dogs, regardless of their breed, they fail to retain heat the way they used to earlier. The capacity to generate heat also deteriorates with age, which makes it difficult for them to bear the breezy winds of winters.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) has also suggested that low-bellied and small dogs like a chihuahua and French bulldog do require a coat during the winters. The issue with low-bellied dogs is that, during the snow time, their bellies rub against the ground that might be frozen or cold, which affects them significantly. To keep them warm, they need to wear robust jackets. But, there’s no harm to add a little bit of style. Go through some of the stylish jackets your pup can wear this year, keeping him warm and rocking at the same time.

1.   Hurtta Warmer Dog Jacket

On colder days, warmer jackets do it all for our canine companions. Under such climatic conditions, it becomes difficult for dogs that are not used to it. However, this Hurtta warmer dog jacket’s interior is foil-lined, which helps in reflecting their body heat. This jacket keeps them warm and allows the much-needed comfort so that the natural attributes of the dog does not get hindered at all. Moreover, the 3M reflectors installed on the jacket increase your dog’s visibility during the dark hours. The back length of the jacket is also adjustable, making it convenient for you to adjust it depending on the breed you own.

Make the most of the jacket’s hood as well, as it covers the ears of your pet during snow, rain, and harsh conditions, which gives him added warmth.

2.   Bond & Co. Victorian Jacket

How will your little girl look with a beautiful bow at the back? With this Victorian jacket, make your pooch walk down wherever you go. This classy piece of art has a skirt, relishing bow, and loop, hook closures. The princess-inspired features of the jacket are designed for the ones who like to make heads move with dash and zest. If you are planning to buy the Victorian jacket to add a bit of grace and panache to your pup, do not hesitate. The closures on the jacket are for effortless dressing.

3.   Rainy Days Slicker Raincoat

In the snowy and rainy weather, you can make the most of this Slicker Raincoat. It is made of 100% polyester along with a waterproof coating, making your canine companion feel at ease during such climatic conditions. The bright stripes at the back of the coat and hood reflect at night, which makes him visible during the night. Another feature designed by the makers is the leash attachment slit that comes with a covered flap, to keep the back of your pet dry and comfortable- the fuzzy fastener closure and the strap that fits the belly help the coat to fit effectively. Moreover, you can use it on a dog of any size or shape.

4.   Loft Dog Jacket

A city-worthy look is essential to pull off, but if your paw-perfect pal does it, there’s nothing better. The dark red color for 2020 keeps your pup comfortable, warm, and blooming with style. This Loft Dog, all in one jacket, provides the much-needed aesthetics of trend. Its design and comfort make sure that the dog’s natural movement does not get defeated. The jacket is reversible, has a 2-way zipper for harnessing purposes, and is constructed with polytech fill and the material of microtomic ripstop. The reflecting inner wall of the jacket will keep the dog warm, and during rainy and snowy weathers, its water-resistant attribute will keep the pup dry and comfortable.

5.   Wishland Dog Jacket

Does your pup behave like a diva? Well, if that’s the truth, then this dog jacket by Wishland will undoubtedly do justice to her style and attitude. The stylish jacket is made of high-quality fabric along with faux fur and a bling crown. Such a designer jacket not only adds up to the style of your canine companion but also provides much-needed warmth and comfort. Moreover, the snaps in the front make it easier for you to put the jacket on and off.

6.   US Army Dog Jacket

Are you a veteran who has served in the US army? If that is the case, then this jacket is pitch-perfect for your canine friend. The reversible US army dog jacket is made of faux fur for added comfort. The belly area of the jacket comes with a Velcro for convenient opening and closing. This jacket’s polyester lining and cotton exteriors along with the accents of green camouflage lining and the American flag make it a must buy.


For a dog owner, warmth, comfort, and quality should be the main attributes present in dog jackets. Come 2020, and it’s vital to look for options that take the trend to another level without compromising the basics of a dog jacket. These six mentioned jackets are just a few of the options available on the market. Choose any to make your furry friend trendy, classy, and comfy this season.

Featured photo by Roman Koval from Pexels
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