6 Things the Best Restaurants Do to Keep Food Safe

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6 Things the Best Restaurants Do to Keep Food Safe

In the hospitality world, culinary delights and food safety should always go hand in hand. The best restaurateurs understand this, striving to tantalize your taste buds while protecting your health and well-being. 

We will take you through six practices Australia’s top restaurants implement to maintain the highest standards of food safety. If you’re keen to uncover the secrets behind those memorable dining experiences, you’re in the right place.  These are the 6 things the best restaurants do to keep food safe.

1. High-quality, well-maintained equipment

For restaurants like Tetsuya’s and TAO, food safety starts with the best commercial catering equipment Sydney has to offer. From their blast chillers to their dishwashing equipment, everything is high-quality and well-maintained. This is crucial for ensuring food safety in any restaurant, and it’s a tip you can bring into your home. 

You don’t need to outlay for the most expensive appliances and machines. However, a focus on quality and longevity will improve food safety in your kitchen while ensuring you get the best cost per use from your appliances. 

2. Careful sourcing of ingredients

Top restaurants source their high-quality ingredients from trusted suppliers. They work with reputable vendors who have transparent supply chains and who adhere to stringent food safety standards. From meat and seafood to fresh produce and dairy products, these restaurants go the extra mile to ensure only the finest ingredients ever grace their mixing bowls, pans, and plates.

3. Impeccable cleaning practices

A clean and hygienic environment is central to food safety, which is why Australia’s best restaurants are known for their impeccable cleaning practices. They pay meticulous attention to sanitation, and each team member must undergo thorough training on everything from personal hygiene to safe food handling practices. By upholding flawless standards of cleanliness, these establishments create wholesome and healthy dining experiences for their customers.

4. Food temperature control and storage

Optimal storage conditions and temperature control are both crucial if you want to prevent the spread of foodborne illnesses. The best restaurants feature carefully designed storage areas that separate food into distinct categories. For instance, fresh produce is kept away from raw meat, and all food is stored in a compartmentalized way that allows for precise temperature control. 

Top restaurants also monitor and record temperatures to ensure the right conditions are consistently maintained. In addition to preventing bacterial growth, this keeps ingredients in optimal condition.

5. Ongoing training for staff

Education and training are key to maintaining impeccable food safety standards. Top restaurants invest in comprehensive training programs to ensure their staff understands every aspect of food safety. 

From proper storage and handling techniques to cross-contamination prevention and allergen management, these comprehensive training programs equip employees with the skills and knowledge needed to uphold food safety standards consistently. By providing regular refresher courses, top restaurants ensure their staff members remain up to date with the latest industry practices.

6. Audits and quality control

To ensure consistent adherence to their rigorous food safety standards, restaurants generally implement a series of quality control measures. These include regular internal audits and inspections, allowing the restaurant owner to thoroughly review processes, procedures, and documentation. 

Many restaurants also engage external auditors and seek third-party certifications. Both avenues allow them to check their practices and validate their food safety standards. By enacting these quality control measures regularly, these restaurants are able to maintain the highest levels of quality and safety.


The best restaurant owners understand that exceptional food experiences are impossible without impeccable food safety practices. As diners, we can support this beautiful work ethic by choosing establishments that prioritize the essential practices outlined above. Bon appétit!

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