6 Things women with self-worth do differently in relationships

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6 Things women with self-worth do differently in relationships

My grandmother was a pragmatic woman, and in the short interaction we had, she did impart some wisdom to me. One day she said; ” You are worthy of love and of someone who loves and respects you.” These words, at the time, didn’t have much impact on me. As I grew and moved in and out of relationships, I began to understand her words.

Women with self-worth do relationships differently. Having a sense of worth will equip a woman with skills to identify what she wants and deserves to have in a relationship. Most important, allows her the strength to walk away from a bad relationship. Here are 6 things women with self-worth do differently in relationships.

1. Confident women know they are worthy of love.

These women know they are worthy of love. They know they are already amazing just as they are. They have accepted themselves as they are right now. Not as they wish they were or think they ought to be. Women who are confident and know their worth, demand to be loved and respected by a partner who embraces her entirely. Partners who are serious about you and your relationship will respect who you are flaws and all.

2. They set healthy boundaries.

Having healthy boundaries; means you prioritise your needs and your emotions. Confident women know what to accept and are not pressured or guilted into doing things they do not want to do.

They are faithful to their values and beliefs. They do not do things that go against themselves to keep a guy happy or interested. A confident woman will not give up on herself and her beliefs for the sake of a relationship that compromises her true self. If the guy wants something else or something more than she is willing to give, she will leave.

3. Confident women trust their decisions and themselves

They trust their decisions and judgements. They act on how they feel and are comfortable being authentic. 

4. Confident women accept responsibility for their actions

They take responsibility for their actions and emotions. Both for the bad and good choices they make along the way. They use mistakes as an opportunity to learn, grow and become better people.

 5. Confident women don’t stay in a bad relationship

When you value, respect and love yourself, you will weed out anyone that doesn’t see you the same way. Confident people will not remain in a relationship that does not value, respect and accept them as an individual. They will work at improving the relationship, but if that does not work, they are not afraid to walk away from a bad relationship.

6. Confident women choose wisely

Confident people choose their partners with their head and heart. They will ensure they are compatible with someone before they invest themselves and get too involved. 

If you do not value yourself, you will end up with someone who does not merit you and acknowledge your worth. Take time to work on your confidence. It’s easier than you think. Confident people value and accept themselves wholly. They embrace the good and the bad and know they are amazing. As a result, they find respectful partners who value them for who they are – good and not so good – which will lead to a healthy relationship.

H/T: Thought Catalog
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