6 Things You Should Not Talk About When In relationships

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6 Things You Should Not Talk About When In relationships

Relationships are tricky affairs and anything can tip the balance over. When you are in a relationship, ensure you know that there are at least 6 things you should not talk about to your friends when you enter a serious relationship.

The wonderful part of having friends is to be able to talk to them about anything. From anything insignificant to something more serious. However, when you enter a serious relationship, there are things that you shouldn’t be talking to your friends about.

If you want to keep your relationship strong and healthy it is a good idea to leave your friends out of your relationship. No matter how tempted you are to share with your friends, consider that maybe you are violating the trust and the boundaries of your relationship.

These are the things you shouldn’t be sharing or talking about with your friends about your relationship:

1. Your partner’s insecurities

6 Things You Should Not Talk About When In relationships

A sign of a strong relationship is the peace of mind that anything said will remain between the two of you, especially true when someone completely opens up to you. When they are vulnerable and tell you all their insecurities. These are things you just never share even with your closest of friends. Especially if they are things that will embarrass or cause your partner discomfort if others were to know. Protecting your partner is far more important than telling your bestie.

2. Your partners personal problems

6 Things You Should Not Talk About When In relationships

Unless you have been given permission to talk about your partner’s problems with your friends, keep it to yourself.  Sharing personal problems can be seen as an act of disrespect. If by chance your partner becomes aware you’ve shared his personal problems without his consent, it will feel like a breach of trust. Your partner will feel alienated, judged and most important question your loyalties. Breaking trust is a major relationship red flag.

3. Juicy personal details

Telling your friends all the juicy details about your sex life is probably something your friends don’t want to know either. Plus your partner might not be happy with you sharing everything that goes on between the two of you.

4. For your eyes only info

6 Things You Should Not Talk About When In relationships

There is this silent agreement that anything that goes between the two of you remains between the two of you. This is especially true when it comes to the exchange of nude pics and sexting – these are for your eyes only.

No sharing of nude pics or sexts with your friends unless your partner is absolutely cool with that.

5. The fights or disagreements you ‘ve had

Sharing your disagreements in the heat of the moment might feel right but in the long run, it’s a mistake. After you and your partner reconciled, your friends might hold a grudge against your partner putting their friendship at risk.

6. Your partner’s opinions of your friends

6 Things You Should Not Talk About When In relationships

Sometimes your partner has an instant liking to your friends but too often this is not the case. Never feel the need to disclose to your friends that your partner doesn’t really like them. Unless you want to create unnecessary tension between them. This is something that you need not share at all actually it’s best to all involved that nothing is ever said.

Whatever you decide to share with your friends respect your partner and only talk about things that both you and your partner are comfortable sharing. Your primary objective is to keep a strong, healthy and happy relationship if you want it to last.

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