6 Top Considerations Before Installing Glass Pool Fence

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6 Top Considerations Before Installing Glass Pool Fence

Pool fencing is what you require when it comes to enhancing the safety of your family and maintaining the visual appeal of your pool area. If you have small children, then pool fencing is paramount. And you will want to have a fence that is stable, durable, and safe while preserving the overall visual looks of your entertaining space. For this, glass pool fencing is the preferred choice, as they ensure safety and maintain a beautiful appearance. Apart from safety and aesthetics, there are other essentials that you need to consider when selecting the glass for your swimming pool fence. These are the 6 top considerations before installing a glass pool fence.

1. Quality of the Glass

Purchasing high-quality and durable glass for your pool fence is paramount. Heat-treated toughened glass panels are also vulnerable to blowups due to nickel inclusions that are hidden during the fabrication process. Buying the glass panels from a verified and certified supplier and getting expert installation goes a long way in averting these rare breakages. Glass panels must meet Australian standards and have the abidance mark of Australian standards. Hence, these glass panels are fabricated with superior quality glass and quality control standards.

2. The Thickness & Size of Glass Panels

The main pool panels, which include hinge panels for each gate should be 12mm thick, whereas glass gate panels should be 8mm thick. Besides, custom panels can be made for odd areas of a pool barrier or stairs where non-standard panels are needed. They may be pricey and require more time to supply and install, but the outcome will be worth it. Get in touch with the specialist to discuss a cost-effective solution for your swimming pool fencing.

3. The Width & Height of the Glass Fence

It is advisable to check your local regulations and guidelines to ensure your pool fence abides by your state laws. Typically, standard glass pool fences are 1200mm high, and the width of panels differs by design. However, in most cases, a frameless pool fence is comprised of panels between 850 to 1800mm wide. Glass fence should be at least 1200mm in height to abide by safety standards regardless of the style you choose for your glass fence.

4. Safety

The first thing you should consider is the safety of your glass pool fencing right before installing it. Thus, you should buy glass panels that comply with Australian standards.

5. Budget

The overall cost will include the cost of the glass pool fence and installation charges, which may differ depending on the height and size of the glass fence. The number of gates you may need for your swimming pool fencing can also impact the total cost. Getting a workable budget is imperative to install a semi-frameless glass fence or frameless glass fencing.

6. Style of Glass Fence

The glass pool fence should be stable and durable. The style of the glass fence will depend on the layout of your swimming pool area and your personal preference. Frameless glass fencing is the most sought-after swimming pool fencing style. Installing frameless glass pool fencing will allow you to enjoy the sleek look and feel around the swimming pool.

Frameless fencing provides a clear view of the pool and the surrounding area without any impediments, and at the same time, it acts as an effective barrier and provides safety. Remember to factor in your surroundings when choosing your pool fence. For example, you can select handrails and spigots in square or round profiles to harmonise with your existing structures.

Make Your Pool Area Stand Out With Stylish Glass Pool Fencing!

Glass pool fencing looks clean and beautiful and provides clear views of the cool blue water. Glass pool fence is a highly desired alternate for a backyard swimming pool. If you need assistance in installing a glass pool fence, get in touch with the trusted fencing contractor in Sydney today!


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